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1 A Mechanical-Electrical Model to Describe the Negative Differential Resistance in Membranotronic Devices Huber, Max et al. 2024
2 Additive Fertigung gradierter Nanoverbundwerkstoffe für das Fügen mikroelektronischer Komponenten Seifert, Tobias et al. 2023
3 CNT-PUFs: Highly Robust and Heat-Tolerant Carbon-Nanotube-Based Physical Unclonable Functions Frank, Florian et al. 2023
4 Efficient Quadrature Suppression for Improved Performance of a MEMS Vibratory Gyroscope Forke, Roman et al. 2023
5 Fabrication and Integration of Quantum Dot Based Emitters for Smart Mechanical Watches Langenickel, Jörn et al. 2023
6 Inductive Heating Based on VHF-ISM Radio Band Frequencies as Technology Platform for Efficient Heating of Metallic Micro-Scaled Bonding Layers in MEMS Packaging Hofmann, Christian* et al. 2023
7 Inductive heating based on VHF-ISM radio band frequencies as technology platform for efficient heating of metallic micro-scaled bonding layers in MEMS packaging Hofmann, Christian et al. 2023
8 Inductive Sintering Module for Improved Multi-Die Attach in the Field of Power Packaging Hofmann, Christian et al. 2023
9 MEMS-Based Fingerprinting Architecture for Trustworthy Electronics Meinel, Katja et al. 2023
10 Optimal design of piezoelectric MEMS for vibration monitoring system with nanoionics zero-energy memory elements Shaporin, Alexey* et al. 2023
11 Paradigm Changing Integration Technology for the Production of Flexible Electronics by Transferring Structures, Dies and Electrical Components from Rigid to Flexible Substrates Selbmann, Franz* et al. 2023
12 Storing MEMS Interfaces Without Electrical Auxiliary Energy for Long-Time Monitoring Hoffmann, Martin et al. 2023
13 Towards knowledge-enhanced process models for semiconductor fabrication Rothe, Tom et al. 2023
14 Tunable Fabry-Pérot interferometer integrated in a silicon waveguide of an on-chip optical platform for long infrared wavelengths Wecker, Julia et al. 2023
15 A Hybrid Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP) Model for Time-Dependent, Spatial Material Removal Rate Optimization Rothe, Tom* et al. 2022
16 Development of Carbon Nanotube-based Field-Effect Transistors for Analog High-Frequency Applications Hartmann, Martin 2022
17 Erhöhung des Aspektverhältnisses der industriellen XMB10-Technologie durch nachträgliche Reduktion des Elektrodenspalts mittels Zustellen und Verschweißen Künzel, Petra et al. 2022
18 Fabrication of Nanoimprint-Lithography masters for optical nano gratings Helke, Christian et al. 2022
19 High Precision Liquid Level and Leak Detection Based on Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasound Transducer Saeidi, Nooshin et al. 2022
20 High-G Acceleration Sensors for the Automotive Industry Pregl, Sebastian et al. 2022
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