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1 Synthesis of β‐Ketoiminato Copper(II) Complexes and Their Use in Copper Deposition Preuß, Andrea et al. 2020
2 A β-ketoiminato palladium(II) complex for palladium deposition Preuß, Andrea et al. 2019
3 Synthesis of Mg and Zn diolates and their use in metal oxide deposition Frenzel, Peter et al. 2019
4 Low-temperature chemical vapor deposition of cobalt oxide thin films from a dicobaltatetrahedrane precursor Melzer, Marcel et al. 2017
5 Advances in Deposition of Main-Group Metal Oxides and Rare-Earth Oxides from Metal Enolates Lang, Heinrich et al. 2016
6 Advances in Deposition of Metals from Metal Enolates Lang, Heinrich et al. 2016
7 Advances in Deposition of Transition-Metal Oxides from Metal Enolates Lang, Heinrich et al. 2016
8 Atomic layer deposition of ultrathin Cu2O and subsequent reduction to Cu studied by in situ x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy Dhakal, Dileep et al. 2016
9 Bis(β-diketonato)- and allyl-(β-diketonato)-palladium(II) complexes: synthesis, characterization and MOCVD application Assim, Khaybar et al. 2016
10 Chemical vapor deposition of ruthenium-based layers by a single-source approach Jeschke, Janine et al. 2016
11 Growth Monitoring by XPS and LEIS Investigations of Ultrathin Copper Films Deposited by Atomic Layer Deposition Dhakal, Dileep et al. 2015
12 Half-sandwich cobalt complexes in the metal-organic chemical vapor deposition process Georgi, Colin et al. 2015
13 Ruthenium precursors for the deposition of ruthenium, production and use Jeschke, Janine et al. 2015
14 A cobalt layer deposition study: Dicobaltatetrahedranes as convenient MOCVD precursor systems Georgi, Colin et al. 2014
15 Assemblies from metallic and semiconducting nanocrystals Kahle, Ingolf et al. 2014
16 Arylphosphonic acid esters as bridging ligands in coordination polymers of bismuth Mansfeld, Dirk et al. 2013
17 Hexacarbonyl (Trimethylsilyl Ethyne) Dicobalt as MOCVD Precursor for Thin Cobalt Layer Formation Georgi, Colin et al. 2013
18 The Effect of PEGylated Dendrimers on the Catalytic Activity and Stability of Palladium Particles in the Suzuki Reaction Gäbler, Christian et al. 2013
19 Twin Polymerization at Spherical Hard Templates: An Approach to Size-Adjustable Carbon Hollow Spheres with Micro- or Mesoporous Shells Böttger-Hiller, Falko et al. 2013
20 Design, characterization and magnetic properties of Fe3O4-nanoparticle arrays coated with PEGylated-dendrimers Dietrich, Sascha et al. 2012
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