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1 The influence of affective decorative pictures on learning statistics online Mikheeva, Maria* et al. 2021
2 A Review of Photogrammetry and Photorealistic 3D Models in Education From a Psychological Perspective Nebel, Steve* et al. 2020
3 Competitive Agents & Adaptive Difficulty within Educational Video Games Nebel, Steve* et al. 2020
4 Does the effect of enthusiasm in a pedagogical Agent's voice depend on mental load in the Learner's working memory? Beege, Maik* et al. 2020
5 Investigating the effects of beat and deictic gestures of a lecturer in educational videos Beege, Maik* et al. 2020
6 The effect of signaling in dependence on the extraneous cognitive load in learning environments Beege, Maik* et al. 2020
7 A Meta-analysis of the Segmenting Effect Rey, Günter Daniel* et al. 2019
8 Boundary conditions of the politeness effect in online mathematical learning Mikheeva, Maria* et al. 2019
9 How can we improve learning from instructional texts? Combining effects of signaling and disfluency on learning Beege, Maik et al. 2019
10 How choice options can help to improve learning with digital media by an increase of autonomy Schneider, Sascha et al. 2019
11 Parasocial Learning - The Impacts of Social Entities in Learning with Educational Videos Beege, Maik 2019
12 Proceedings of the Media Psychology Division. 11th Conference of the Media Psychology Division 2019, German Psychological Society Nebel, Steve et al. 2019
13 Schaffen Signalisierungen Ordnung im Chaos? Der Einfluss farblicher Hervorhebungen beim Lernen mit geordneten und ungeordneten Concept Maps Schneider, Sascha et al. 2019
14 Social entities in educational videos: Combining the effects of addressing and professionalism Beege, Maik* et al. 2019
15 Spatial Continuity Effect vs. Spatial Contiguity Failure. Revising the Effects of Spatial Proximity Between Related and Unrelated Representations Beege, Maik* et al. 2019
16 The Moderating Effect of Mental Load on the Effect of Enthusiasm of Pedagogical Agents on Learning Beege, Maik et al. 2019
17 The more human, the higher the performance? Examining the effects of anthropomorphism on learning with media Schneider, Sascha et al. 2019
18 The retrieval-enhancing effects of decorative pictures as memory cues in multimedia learning videos and subsequent performance tests Schneider, Sascha et al. 2019
19 A meta-analysis of how signaling affects learning with media Schneider, Sascha* et al. 2018
20 Anthropomorphism in Decorative Pictures: Benefit or Harm for Learning? Schneider, Sascha* et al. 2018
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