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1 A Simple Self-Exciting Vibration High Cycle Fatigue Tester for Accelerated Stress Testing of Thin Films Mohammadi, Arash* et al. 2023
2 Accelerated Real-Life (ARL) Testing and Characterization of Automotive LiDAR Sensors to facilitate the Development and Validation of Enhanced Sensor Models Kettelgerdes, Marcel et al. 2023
3 AI surrogate models for error analysis in optical systems Meszmer, Peter* et al. 2023
4 Automotive LiDAR Based Precipitation State Estimation Using Physics Informed Spatio-Temporal 3D Convolutional Neural Networks (PIST-CNN) Kettelgerdes, Marcel et al. 2023
5 Characterization and simulation of delamination on package-level considering sub-critical interfacial fracture-parameters under cyclic loading Kniely, Rudolf* et al. 2023
6 Development and Evaluation of a Belt Drive Fatigue Tester for Accelerated Thermo-mechanical Stress Testing of Thin Metallic Films on Flexible Substrates Walther, David* et al. 2023
7 Evaluation of thermally induced change in sharpness of automotive cameras by coupled thermo-mechanical and optical simulation Pandey, Amit et al. 2023
8 Experimental Investigation of Pumped Two-Phase Flow Boiling using Different Finned and Pin Finned Structures on Interchangeable Heater Modules Schacht, Ralph et al. 2023
9 Lifetime modeling of copper metallization for SiC power electronics Losbichler, Daniel* et al. 2023
10 MEMS Cantilever on High-Cycle Fatigue Testing of thin Metal Films Jöhrmann, Nathanael* et al. 2023
11 Metal-based Direct Multi-jet Impingement Cooling Solution for Autonomous Driving High-Performance Vehicle Computer (HPVC) Moloudi, Reza* et al. 2023
12 Modelling Creep Behaviour in Sintered Silver using User-Programmable Features in ANSYS Forndran, Freerik* et al. 2023
13 On the influence of lid materials for flip-chip ball grid array package applications Jeronimo, Mateus Bagetti* et al. 2023
14 Physics of failure based lifetime modelling for sintered silver die attach in power electronics: Accelerated stress testing by isothermal bending and thermal shock in comparison Heilmann, Jens* et al. 2023
15 Physics-of-Failure Based Lifetime Approach for Silver Sintered Power Modules in Power Cycling Forndran, Freerik et al. 2023
16 Pulsed infrared thermal imaging as inline quality assessment tool Panahandeh, S.* et al. 2023
17 Realization, multi-field coupled simulation and characterization of a thermo-mechanically robust LiDAR front end on a copper coated glass substrate Kettelgerdes, Marcel* et al. 2023
18 Thermal Test Vehicle for HPC - System Level Approach for Investigation of the Thermal Heat Path Signature with the Property of Spatial Resolution Sternberg, Maik* et al. 2023
19 Thermo-mechanical-optical coupling within a digital twin development for automotive LiDAR Tavakolibasti, Majid* et al. 2023
20 Validation of the thermal path with one phase liquid cooling for HPC in harsh environment Grün, Tobias et al. 2023
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