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1 Aufbau und Verbindungstechnik ist besonderer Schwerpunkt der PCIM Europe 2020 Lutz, Josef* 2020
2 Avalanche Ruggedness of SiC MPS Diodes Under Repetitive Unclamped-Inductive-Switching Stress Palanisamy, Shanmuganathan et al. 2020
3 Current filament behavior in IGBTs of different voltage classes investigated by measurements and simulations Bhojani, Riteshkumar et al. 2020
4 Influence of repetitive short circuit events on the power cycling capability of IGBTs in a molded package Schwabe, Christian* et al. 2020
5 Influence of the gate resistance on the short circuit type II & III behavior of IGBT modules and protection Liu, Xing* et al. 2020
6 Power cycling – methods, measurement accuracy, comparability Lutz, Josef 2020
7 Power Cycling Test Bench Topology with Alternating Load Current and Online Temperature Measurement for Thyristor Devices Herold, Christian* et al. 2020
8 Reliability of GaN GIT Devices in Power Cycling Tests with RDS(on)(T) and VGS(T) for Junction Temperature Calculation Boldyrjew-Mast, Roman* et al. 2020
9 Specific aspects regarding evaluation of power cycling tests with SiC devices Gerlach, Martina et al. 2020
10 The Influence of the gate driver and common source inductance on the short circuit behavior of IGBT modules and protection Liu, Xing* et al. 2020
11 Thermomechanical behaviour of inverse diode in SiC MOSFETs under surge current stress Palanisamy, Shanmuganathan et al. 2020
12 Validity of power cycling lifetime models for modules and extension to low temperature swings Lutz, Josef et al. 2020
13 A Clamping Circuit for Short Circuit Ruggedness Improvement of Discrete IGBT Devices based on the di/dt Feedback of Emitter Stray Inductance Liu, Xing et al. 2019
14 Advanced Temperature Estimation in Low Rds,on p-GaN HEMT Devices for Performing Power Cycling Tests Franke, Jörg* et al. 2019
15 Al modification as indicator of current filaments in IGBTs under repetitive SC operation Mysore, Madhu Lakshman et al. 2019
16 Comparison of Zth measurement of direct oil dual cooled power modules and water cooled modules Seidel, Peter* et al. 2019
17 Ein Halbleiterbauelement mit breitem Bandabstand und ein Verfahren zum Bilden eines Halbleiterbauelements mit breitem Bandabstand Lutz, Josef et al. 2019
18 Estimating the chip temperature in an inverter by measuring the temperature sensitive Miller plateau during turn-off Hiller, Sebastian* et al. 2019
19 Experimental investigation of linear cumulative damage theory with power cycling test Zeng, Guang et al. 2019
20 Failure Mechanisms of Sintered Die Top Systems under Power Cycling Tests Hinrich, Andreas* et al. 2019
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