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1 Microbatteries with twin-Swiss-rolls redefine performance limits in the sub-square millimeter range Li, Yang et al. 2023
2 Ultra-dense plasmonic nanogap arrays for reorientable molecular fluorescence enhancement and spectrum reshaping Wang, Jiawei* et al. 2023
3 Collective Coupling of 3D Confined Optical Modes in Monolithic Twin Microtube Cavities Formed by Nanomembrane Origami Wang, Xiaoyu et al. 2022
4 One-Pot Synthesis of Nitrate-Intercalated NiFe Layered Double Hydroxides with an 8.2 Å Interlayer Spacing Qu, Jiang* et al. 2022
5 Single "Swiss-roll" microelectrode elucidates the critical role of iron substitution in conversion-type oxides Liu, Lixiang et al. 2022
6 A compact tube-in-tube microsized lithium-ion battery as an independent microelectric power supply unit Weng, Qunhong* et al. 2021
7 Advanced architecture designs towards high-performance 3D microbatteries Li, Yang et al. 2021
8 Battery-Everywhere Design Based on a Cathodeless Configuration with High Sustainability and Energy Density Tang, Hongmei et al. 2021
9 Nanogap Enabled Trajectory Splitting and 3D Optical Coupling in Self-Assembled Microtubular Cavities Wang, Xiaoyu et al. 2021
10 Advanced architecture designs towards high-performance 3D microbatteries Li, Yang et al. 2020
11 Antifreezing Hydrogel with High Zinc Reversibility for Flexible and Durable Aqueous Batteries by Cooperative Hydrated Cations Zhu, Minshen* et al. 2020
12 Decoding of Oxygen Network Distortion in a Layered High-Rate Anode by In Situ Investigation of a Single Microelectrode Liu, Lixiang et al. 2020
13 Nickel-Iron Oxide-based Nanomembranes as Anodes for Micro-Lithium-Ion Batteries Liu, Lixiang 2020
14 On-chip 3D interdigital micro-supercapacitors with ultrahigh areal energy density Li, Fei et al. 2020
15 Stamping Fabrication of Flexible Planar Micro-Supercapacitors Using Porous Graphene Inks Li, Fei et al. 2020
16 Stress-Actuated Spiral Microelectrode for High-Performance Lithium-Ion Microbatteries Tang, Hongmei et al. 2020
17 3D Ag/NiO-Fe2O3/Ag nanomembranes as carbon-free cathode materials for Li-O2 batteries Lu, Xueyi* et al. 2019
18 Artificial electrode interfaces enable stable operation of freestanding anodes for high-performance flexible lithium ion batteries Liu, Lixiang et al. 2019
19 Elucidating the reaction kinetics of lithium-sulfur batteries by operando XRD based on an open-hollow S@MnO2 cathode Huang, Shaozhuan* et al. 2019
20 Self-Assembled Flexible and Integratable 3D Microtubular Asymmetric Supercapacitors Li, Fei et al. 2019
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