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1 Different or the Same? Determination of Discriminatory Power Threshold and Category Formation for Vague Linguistic Frequency Expressions Bocklisch, Franziska 2019
2 Multidimensional fuzzy pattern classifier sequences for medical diagnostic reasoning Bocklisch, Franziska* et al. 2018
3 Adaptive fuzzy pattern classification for the online detection of driver lane change intention Bocklisch, Franziska* et al. 2017
4 Fuzzy Pattern Classification for the Online Detection of Driver Lane Change Intention Bocklisch, Franziska et al. 2017
5 The impact of time perception and stress monitoring on decision-making under time pressure Krause, Kristina et al. 2016
6 Biased processing of ambiguous symptoms favors the initially leading hypothesis in sequential diagnostic reasoning Rebitschek, Felix G.* et al. 2015
7 Fuzzy-Pattern-Klassifikatoren als Modelle Bocklisch, Steffen F.* et al. 2015
8 Analyzing verbal response scales Groß, Ramona et al. 2013
9 Decision-making under time pressure: The impact of time pressure on stress perception when applying the decision rule "Take the best" Krause, Kristina et al. 2013
10 Do you mean what you say? The effect of uncertainty avoidance on the interpretation of probability expressions - A comparative study between Spanish and German Bocklisch, Franziska et al. 2013
11 Fuzzy patterns for fuzzy modeling in Chemnitz, Germany Bocklisch, Steffen F. et al. 2013
12 That's "Spanish" to Me! A comparison of the meaning of Spanish and German probability expressions Bocklisch, Franziska et al. 2013
13 Die Analyse und Bewertung vager linguistischer Terme mittels fuzzy Methodik Bocklisch, Franziska 2012
14 Order effects in diagnostic reasoning with four candidate hypotheses Rebitschek, Felix G. et al. 2012
15 Sometimes, often, and always: Exploring the vague meanings of frequency expressions Bocklisch, Franziska et al. 2012
16 Der Einfluss der Vagheit von Informationen auf diagnostische Entscheidungsprozesse Bocklisch, Steffen et al. 2011
17 How Medical Expertise Influences the Understanding of Symptom Intensities - A Fuzzy Approach Bocklisch, Franziska et al. 2011
18 Looking at Nothing Diminishes with Practice Scholz, Agnes et al. 2011
19 Manchmal, oft und immer - die vage Bedeutung von Häufigkeitsausdrücken Bocklisch, Franziska et al. 2011
20 The Fuzziness of Verbal Response Scales: The STAI-T Questionnaire Bocklisch, Franziska et al. 2011
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