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Vol. 2 No. 1 (2020): GAMMAS - The Second Year
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This is the second issue of GAMM Archive for Students (GAMMAS) containing all articles published in 2020.

Table of contents:

1) L. Balicki, Low-Rank Alternating Direction Implicit Iteration in pyMor, pages 1-13  
2) J. Wiedemann, Higher-order exponential integrators for constrained semi-linear parabolic problems, pages 14-20
3) L. Hoppe, Numerical simulation of fiber-matrix debonding in single fiber pull-out tests, pages 21-35

Published: 2020-02-16
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GAMM Archive for Students (GAMMAS) is an online open-access journal for undergraduate research in the fields of applied mathematics and mechanics. The journal aims at providing a platform for students to share their results with the scientific community. 

If you are a student or have recently graduated, we encourage you to submit scientific results obtained during your studies.  This can include parts of your thesis, but also work you have done during an internship, or while working as a student assistant.

GAMMAS is published by the GAMM Juniors, who are a group of young researchers within the International Association of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (GAMM). All submitted manuscripts undergo peer review. Publication in GAMMAS is free of charge.