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1 Synthesis and Twin Polymerization of Si(OCH2py)4 for Nitrogen-containing Carbon Materials Scharf, Sebastian et al. 2024
2 Competing mechanisms of local photoluminescence quenching and enhancement in the quantum tunneling regime at 2D TMDC/hBN/plasmonic interfaces Pan, Yang* et al. 2023
3 Core and Shell Contributions to the Phonon Spectra of CdTe/CdS Quantum Dots Dzhagan, Volodymyr* et al. 2023
4 Enhanced photoconductivity of hybrid 2D-QD MoS2-AgInS2 structures Kondratenko, Serhiy* et al. 2023
5 Exploring Highly Efficient Broadband Self-Trapped-Exciton Luminophors: from 0D to 3D Materials Stroyuk, Oleksandr* et al. 2023
6 Influence of Thermal and Flash-Lamp Annealing on the Thermoelectrical Properties of Cu2ZnSnS4 Nanocrystals Obtained by "Green" Colloidal Synthesis Havryliuk, Yevhenii et al. 2023
7 Local phonon imaging of AlN nanostructures with nanoscale spatial resolution Milekhin, Ilya* et al. 2023
8 Micro- and nano-optical spectroscopy investigation of 2D transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDCs) Pan, Yang 2023
9 Micro-ellipsometry of square lattices of plasmonic nanodiscs on dielectric substrates and in metal-insulator-metal configurations Bortchagovsky, Eugene* et al. 2023
10 Optical and magneto-optical properties of pulsed laser-deposited thulium iron garnet thin films Sharma, Apoorva et al. 2023
11 Photocatalytic Performance of Sol-Gel Prepared TiO2 Thin Films Annealed at Various Temperatures He, Lu* et al. 2023
12 Probing Magnetic Ordering in Air Stable Iron?Rich Van der Waals Minerals Khan, Muhammad Zubair* et al. 2023
13 Raman and X-ray diffraction study of Ag–In–S polycrystals, films, and nanoparticles Azhniuk, Yuriy* et al. 2023
14 Raman- and Infrared-Active Phonons in Nonlinear Semiconductor AgGaGeS4 Valakh, Mykhailo et al. 2023
15 Structural and Optical Characterisation of Size-Selected Glutathione-Capped Colloidal Cu–In–S Quantum Dots Azhniuk, Y.M. et al. 2023
16 Structural characterization and electrochemical performance of laser-induced graphene: Insights into electron transfer kinetics and 4-aminophenol sensing Nasraoui, Salem* et al. 2023
17 Structural insight into nanoscale inhomogeneity of electrical properties in highly conductive polycrystalline ZnO thin films doped using methane Vasin, Andrii* et al. 2023
18 The effect of Ag doping on the structure, optical, and electronic properties of ZnO nanostructures deposited by atmospheric pressure MOCVD on Ag/Si substrates Ievtushenko, A. et al. 2023
19 The Influence of Process Parameters on the Microstructural Properties of Spray-Pyrolyzed β-Ga2O3 Schmidt, Constance et al. 2023
20 Third Crystalline Form of P(NDI2OD-T2) with Pronounced End-on Texture Vu, Doan et al. 2023
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