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1 Bricks, Blocks, Boxes, Cubes, and Dice: On the Role of Cubic Shapes for the Design of Tangible Interactive Devices Lefeuvre, Kevin et al. 2018
2 Initiating Participation: Methodological and Practical Challenges of Living Lab Projects for Early Stages of Research and Development Bischof, Andreas et al. 2018
3 Living Labs zur Initiierung von Partizipation in der HCI Bischof, Andreas et al. 2018
4 Machtförmige Praktiken durch Sensordaten in Wohnungen Richter, Johanna et al. 2018
5 Sensing Home: Designing An Open Tool That Lets People Collect And Interpret Simple Sensor Data From Their Homes Berger, Arne et al. 2018
6 Sensing Home: Participatory Exploration of Smart Sensors in the Home Berger, Arne* et al. 2018
7 Demo Hour : Loaded Dice Lefeuvre, Kevin et al. 2017
8 Loaded Dice: How to cheat your way to creativity Lefeuvre, Kevin et al. 2017
9 Partizipatives Entwerfen soziotechnischer Systeme Berger, Arne et al. 2017
10 Sensing Home : Sensordaten für IoT-Produkte im Kontext Wohnen methodisch situieren Bischof, Andreas et al. 2017
11 Sensor-Probes zur partizipativen Entwicklung für das Internet der Dinge Bischof, Andreas et al. 2017
12 Wicked, Open, Collaborative: Why Research through Design Matters for HCI Research Berger, Arne* et al. 2017
13 Explorative Co-Design-Werkzeuge zum Entwerfen von Smart Connected Things am Beispiel eines Workshops mit Blinden und Sehbehinderten Kurze, Albrecht et al. 2016
14 Exploring the Playfulness of Tools for Co-Designing Smart Connected Devices: A Case Study with Blind and Visually Impaired Students Bischof, Andreas et al. 2016
15 Loaded Dice: Ein Co-Design Werkzeug zum Entwerfen mit blinden und sehbehinderten Partizipanten im IoT Berger, Arne et al. 2016
16 Loaded Dice: Exploring the Design Space of Connected Devices with Blind and Visually Impaired People Lefeuvre, Kevin et al. 2016
17 Smart Connected Sensations: Co-Creating Smart Connected Applications through Distributed Serendipity Lefeuvre, Kevin et al. 2016
18 Designing with Ethnography: Tabletops and the Importance of their Physical Setup for Group Interactions in Exhibitions Storz, Michael et al. 2015
19 Rapid Model-Driven Annotation and Evaluation for Object Detection in Videos Ritter, Marc* et al. 2015
20 ComforTable: A Tabletop for Relaxed and Playful Interactions in Museums Storz, Michael et al. 2014
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