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1 Dielectric function of epitaxial quasi-freestanding monolayer graphene on Si-face 6H-SiC in a broad spectral range Tikuišis, Kristupas Kazimieras et al. 2023
2 Quasi-Freestanding Graphene via Sulfur Intercalation: Evidence for a Transition State Wolff, Susanne et al. 2023
3 Intercalation of epitaxial graphene on SiC(0001) with sulfur Wolff, Susanne et al. 2022
4 Properties of epitaxial graphene on various SiC terminations and polytypes investigated by low-energy electron microscopy Schädlich, Philip et al. 2022
5 Stacking Relations and Substrate Interaction of Graphene on Copper Foil Schädlich, Philip et al. 2021
6 Ultrafast electronic linewidth broadening in the C 1s core level of graphene Curcio, Davide et al. 2021
7 From a Cerium-Doped Polynuclear Bismuth Oxido Cluster to β-Bi2O3:Ce Weber, Marcus et al. 2020
8 Silicon Carbide Stacking-Order-Induced Doping Variation in Epitaxial Graphene Momeni Pakdehi, Davood* et al. 2020
9 Substrate induced nanoscale resistance variation in epitaxial graphene Sinterhauf, Anna* et al. 2020
10 Electronic structure of designed [(SnSe)1+delta]m[TiSe2]2 heterostructure thin films with tunable layering sequence Göhler, Fabian et al. 2019
11 Epitaxial graphene on SiC(0001) studied by electron spectroscopy and microscopy Speck, Florian* 2019
12 Phonon dispersion of bulk MoS2 determined by high resolution electron energy loss spectroscopy Schwarz, Holger* et al. 2019
13 Probing the structural transition from buffer layer to quasifreestanding monolayer graphene by Raman spectroscopy Wundrack, Stefan et al. 2019
14 Quasi-Freestanding Graphene on SiC(0001) by Ar-Mediated Intercalation of Antimony: A Route Toward Intercalation of High-Vapor-Pressure Elements Wolff, Susanne et al. 2019
15 Substrate induced nanoscale resistance variation in epitaxial graphene Sinterhauf, Anna et al. 2019
16 Direct observation of grain boundaries in graphene through vapor hydrofluoric acid (VHF) exposure Fan, Xuge et al. 2018
17 ECR plasma deposited a-SiCN:H as insulating layer in piezoceramic modules Peter, Siegfried* et al. 2018
18 From 3D Ferecrystals to 2D Layers - Layered Structures from Modulated Elemental Precursors Göhler, Fabian* et al. 2018
19 Growth of Nanocrystalline MoSe2 Monolayers on Epitaxial Graphene from Amorphous Precursors Göhler, Fabian et al. 2018
20 Initial investigation of the coexistence of different structural conformations, obtained via high temperature deposition of PbPc on epitaxial graphene grown on 6H-SiC(0001) Ghosal, Chitran et al. 2018
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