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1 Inkjet printing of patterned nanocarbon absorber layers for pyroelectric infrared detectors Zeiner, Christian et al. 2018
2 Controlling the crack formation in inkjet-printed silver nanoparticle thin-films for high resolution patterning using intense pulsed light treatment Gokhale, Pritesh et al. 2017
3 Inkjet printing of photonic structures and thin-film transistors based on evaporation-driven material transportation and self-assembly Sowade, Enrico 2017
4 All-inkjet-printed dissolved oxygen sensors on flexible plastic substrates Moya, Anna et al. 2016
5 All-inkjet-printed thin-film transistors: manufacturing process reliability by root cause analysis Sowade, Enrico et al. 2016
6 High-resolution inkjet printing of conductive carbon nanotube twin lines utilizing evaporation-driven self-assembly Dinh, Nghia Trong et al. 2016
7 Self-Assembly of Spherical Colloidal Photonic Crystals inside Inkjet-Printed Droplets Sowade, Enrico et al. 2016
8 The design challenge in printing devices and circuits: Influence of the orientation of print patterns in inkjet-printed electronics Sowade, Enrico* et al. 2016
9 Tuning the reduction and conductivity of solution-processed graphene oxide by intense pulsed light Al-Hamry, Ammar* et al. 2016
10 Upscaling of the Inkjet Printing Process for the Manufacturing of Passive Electronic Devices Sternkiker, Christoph et al. 2016
11 Additive Manufacturing Technologies Compared: Morphology of Deposits of Silver Ink Using Inkjet and Aerosol Jet Printing Seifert, Tobias* et al. 2015
12 All Inkjet-printed OTFT manufactured on paper substrate for cheap printed electronic applications Mitra, Kalyan Yoti et al. 2015
13 All-inkjet printed organic transistors: Dielectric surface passivation techniques for improved operational stability and lifetime Gomes, Henrique Leonel* et al. 2015
14 Comparison of laser and intense pulsed light sintering (IPL) for inkjet-printed copper nanoparticle layers Niittynen, Juha* et al. 2015
15 Degradation of all-inkjet-printed organic thin-film transistors with TIPS-pentacene under processes applied in textile manufacturing Castro, Hélio F. et al. 2015
16 Inkjet Printing of Colloidal Nanospheres: Engineering the Evaporation-Driven Self-Assembly Process to Form Defined Layer Morphologies Sowade, Enrico* et al. 2015
17 Inkjet printing of UHF antennas on corrugated cardboards for packaging applications Sowade, Enrico* et al. 2015
18 Investigation on Electrical Stress over Metal-Insulator-Metal (MIM) Structures Based on Compound Dielectrics for the Inkjet-Printed OTFT Stability Mitra, Kalyan Yoti* et al. 2015
19 Potential up-scaling of inkjet-printed devices for logical circuits in flexible electronics Mitra, Kalyan Yoti et al. 2015
20 Roll-to-roll infrared (IR) drying and sintering of an inkjet-printed silver nanoparticle ink within 1 second Sowade, Enrico et al. 2015
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