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1 Epitaxial graphene on 6H–SiC(0001): Defects in SiC investigated by STEM Gruschwitz, Markus et al. 2019
2 A New Route to Very Stable Water-Soluble Ultra-Small Core/Shell CdSe/CdS Quantum Dots Raevskaya, Alexandra E. et al. 2018
3 Formation of CdSe Nanocrystals in Cd-doped Thin Arsenic Selenide Films under Laser Irradiation Azhniuk, Yu. M.* et al. 2018
4 Integration of covalent and non-covalent functionalized SWCNTs in FETs Kossmann, A. et al. 2018
5 Origin and Dynamics of Highly Efficient Broadband Photoluminescence of Aqueous Glutathione-Capped Size-Selected Ag-In-S Quantum Dots Stroyuk, Oleksandr* et al. 2018
6 Origin of the Broadband Photoluminescence of Pristine and Cu+/Ag+-Doped Ultrasmall CdS and CdSe/CdS Quantum Dots Stroyuk, Oleksandr* et al. 2018
7 Hierarchically structured carbon/carbon nanocomposites with adjustable porosity fabricated by twin polymerization Windberg, Tina et al. 2017
8 Asperical silver nanoparticles by thermal decomposition of a single-source-precursor Adner, David et al. 2016
9 High Quality Magnetic Oxide Thin Films Prepared via Aqueous Solution Processing Richter, Peter et al. 2016
10 Metal nanoparticles reveal the organization of single-walled carbon nanotubes in bundles Rodriguez, Raul D.* et al. 2016
11 Nanomorphology of CNT Bundles Upon Wafer-Level Fabrication of CNT-FETs Blaudeck, Thomas et al. 2016
12 Transformation of epitaxial NiMnGa/InGaAs nanomembranes grown on GaAs substrates into freestanding microtubes Müller, Christian et al. 2016
13 Umwandlung von epitaktischen NiMnGa/InGaAs Nanomembranen gewachsen auf GaAs-Substraten in freistehende Mikroröhren Müller, Christian* et al. 2016
14 Nonaqueous Synthesis of a Bismuth Vanadate Photocatalyst By Using Microwave Heating: Photooxidation versus Photosensitized Decomposition in Visible-Light-Driven Photocatalysis Hofmann, Max et al. 2015
15 Polycrystalline silicon foils by flash lamp annealing of spray-coated silicon nanoparticle dispersions Büchter, Benjamin et al. 2015
16 Structural and Optical Studies on Nd doped ZnO Thin Films Rani, T. Deepa* et al. 2015
17 Syntesis, characterization and photocatalytic activity of Co-doped ZnO nanoparticles Dung, Nguyen Xuan et al. 2015
18 Assemblies from metallic and semiconducting nanocrystals Kahle, Ingolf et al. 2014
19 Carbon nanotube based via interconnects: Performance estimation based on the resistance of individual carbon nanotubes Fiedler, Holger et al. 2014
20 Coating of Alumina Fibres With Aluminium Phosphate by a Continuous Chemical Vapour Deposition Process Stöckel, Sabine et al. 2014
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