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1 An improved Green’s function algorithm applied to quantum transport in carbon nanotubes Teichert, Fabian* et al. 2019
2 Bibliometric Epilogue: Measuring the Works of D.R.T. Zahn Schreiber, Michael 2019
3 Boosting the Sensitivity and Selectivity of a Nanotube-Based NO_2 Gas Sensor: A First-Principles Investigation Seyed Shahim, Vedaei et al. 2019
4 Field-responsive colloidal assemblies defined by magnetic anisotropy Steinbach, Gabi* et al. 2019
5 Integer quantum Hall transition on a tight-binding lattice Puschmann, Martin et al. 2019
6 Quantum Spin Hall Insulating Phase in Graphene/Bismuthene Quantum Well Heterostructure Fahrvandi, H. et al. 2019
7 Quantum transport in defective carbon nanotubes at mesoscopic length scales Teichert, Fabian 2019
8 Simulation of retention and endurance in memristive devices Huber, Max et al. 2019
9 Structural, Energetic and Electronic Properties of Lanthanum and Flourine Doped HfO_2/SiO_2 Gate Stack of MOSFETs Rahimi, Arash et al. 2019
10 A skeptical view on the Hirsch index and its predictive power : Dedicated to Wolfgang P Schleich on the occasion of his 60th birthday Schreiber, Michael 2018
11 Electronic transport through defective semiconducting carbon nanotubes Teichert, Fabian* et al. 2018
12 Modeling of current-voltage characteristics of BFO based memristors Huber, Max et al. 2018
13 Non-Eqilibrium Dynamics of Anisotropic Particles Open Up Novel Actuation Strategies Steinbach, Gabi* et al. 2018
14 Nonequilibrium and semiclassical dynamics in topological phases of quantum matter Roy, Sthitadhi 2018
15 Ab initio calculations and strain-dependent scaling of excitons in carbon nanotubes Wagner, Christian et al. 2017
16 Anderson transitions on random Voronoi-Delaunay lattices Puschmann, Martin 2017
17 DFTB-based recursive Green’s function algorithms for electron transport in quasi-1D systems Teichert, Fabian et al. 2017
18 Electronic transport in metallic carbon nanotubes with mixed defects within the strong localization regime Teichert, Fabian* et al. 2017
19 Improved recursive Green's function formalism for quasi one-dimensional systems with realistic defects Teichert, Fabian* et al. 2017
20 Integer quantum Hall transitions in random Voronoi-Delaunay lattices Puschmann, Martin et al. 2017
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