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1 3D nanofabricated soft microrobots with super-compliant picoforce springs as onboard sensors and actuators Xu, Haifeng* et al. 2024
2 A Mechanical-Electrical Model to Describe the Negative Differential Resistance in Membranotronic Devices Huber, Max et al. 2024
3 A Photolithographable Electrolyte for Deeply Rechargeable Zn Microbatteries in On-Chip Devices Qu, Zhe et al. 2024
4 Batteries for small-scale robotics Zhu, Minshen* et al. 2024
5 Bio-Inspired Dynamically Morphing Microelectronics toward High-Density Energy Applications and Intelligent Biomedical Implants Merces, Leandro* et al. 2024
6 Efficient Energy Management for Intelligent Microrobotic Swarms: Design and Impact Zhu, Minshen* et al. 2024
7 Electrolyte design for reversible metal electrodeposition-based electrochromic energy-saving devices Wang, Jinhui et al. 2024
8 Modular Design of Functional Glucose Monomer and Block Co-Polymer toward Stable Zn Anodes Yan, Yaping et al. 2024
9 Multifunctional 4D-Printed Sperm-Hybrid Microcarriers for Biomedical Applications Rajabasadi, Fatemeh 2024
10 Polymer hetero-electrolyte enabled solid-state 2.4-V Zn/Li hybrid batteries Chen, Ze et al. 2024
11 Self-assembly of Co/Pt stripes with current-induced domain wall motion towards 3D racetrack devices Fedorov, Pavel* et al. 2024
12 Simulation of Interaction and Self-assembly of Magnetically Decorated Particles Neumann, Maximilian et al. 2024
13 A Dual-Function Micro-Swiss-Roll Device: High-Power Supercapacitor and Biomolecule Probe Ferro, Letícia M. M.* et al. 2023
14 A high-voltage Zn-air battery based on an asymmetric electrolyte configuration Zhang, Hua et al. 2023
15 Dynamic Switching and Energy Storage Unified by Electrochemical Ion Intercalation Yan, Yaping et al. 2023
16 Experimental observation of Berry phases in optical Möbius-strip microcavities Wang, Jiawei et al. 2023
17 Fast-Response Micro-Phototransistor Based on MoS2/Organic Molecule Heterojunction Andleeb, Shaista* et al. 2023
18 Magnetotactic Sperm Cells for Assisted Reproduction Striggow, Friedrich et al. 2023
19 Microbatteries with twin-Swiss-rolls redefine performance limits in the sub-square millimeter range Li, Yang et al. 2023
20 Microelectronic Morphogenesis: Smart Materials with Electronics Assembling into Artificial Organisms McCaskill, John S.* et al. 2023
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