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1 A Patternable and In Situ Formed Polymeric Zinc Blanket for a Reversible Zinc Anode in a Skin-Mountable Microbattery Zhu, Minshen* et al. 2021
2 Covalent Organic Frameworks for Efficient Energy Electrocatalysis: Rational Design and Progress Zhang, Hua et al. 2021
3 Impedimetric Microfluidic Sensor-in-a-Tube for Label-Free Immune Cell Analysis Egunov, Aleksandr I. et al. 2021
4 Maximally entangled and gigahertz-clocked on-demand photon pair source Hopfmann, Caspar* et al. 2021
5 Rolled-Up Metal Oxide Microscaffolds to Study Early Bone Formation at Single Cell Resolution Herzer, Raffael et al. 2021
6 Targeted Sub-Attomole Cancer Biomarker Detection Based on Phase Singularity 2D Nanomaterial-Enhanced Plasmonic Biosensor Wang, Yuye et al. 2021
7 Tiny robots and sensors need tiny batteries - here's how to do it : Improve materials and architectures to shrink microscopic devices Zhu, Minshen et al. 2021
8 3D Self-Assembled Microelectronic Devices: Concepts, Materials, Applications Karnaushenko, Daniil* et al. 2020
9 A flexible microsystem capable of controlled motion and actuation by wireless power transfer Bandari, Vineeth Kumar et al. 2020
10 A Rotating Spiral Micromotor for Noninvasive Zygote Transfer Schwarz, Lukas et al. 2020
11 Advanced Hybrid GaN/ZnO Nanoarchitectured Microtubes for Fluorescent Micromotors Driven by UV Light Wolff, Niklas et al. 2020
12 Antifreezing Hydrogel with High Zinc Reversibility for Flexible and Durable Aqueous Batteries by Cooperative Hydrated Cations Zhu, Minshen* et al. 2020
13 Custom-Designed Biohybrid Micromotor for Potential Disease Treatment Xu, Haifeng 2020
14 Decoding of Oxygen Network Distortion in a Layered High-Rate Anode by In Situ Investigation of a Single Microelectrode Liu, Lixiang et al. 2020
15 Disturbing-Free Determination of Yeast Concentration in DI Water and in Glucose Using Impedance Biochips Kiani, Mahdi* et al. 2020
16 Dynamic tuning of photon-plasmon interaction based on three-dimensionally confined microtube cavities Naz, Ehsan Saei Ghareh et al. 2020
17 Engineering microrobots for targeted cancer therapies from a medical perspective Schmidt, Christine K.* et al. 2020
18 Flexible Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering Chip: A Universal Platform for Real-Time Interfacial Molecular Analysis with Femtomolar Sensitivity Hao, Qi et al. 2020
19 Growth, characterization and implementation of semiconductor sources of highly entangled photons Keil, Robert 2020
20 Highly Symmetric and Extremely Compact Multiple Winding Microtubes by a Dry Rolling Mechanism Moradi, Somayeh* et al. 2020
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