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1 APTES monolayer coverage on self-assembled magnetic nanospheres for controlled release of anticancer drug Nintedanib Karade, V. C. et al. 2021
2 Iron oxide nanospheres and nanocubes modified with carboxyphenyl porphyrin and their magnetic, optical properties and photocatalytic activities in room temperature amide synthesis Saengruengrit, Chalathan et al. 2021
3 Microellipsometry study of plasmonic properties of metal-insulator-metal structures with ordered lattices of nanoparticles Bortchagovsky, E.* et al. 2021
4 Spectroscopic ellipsometry of amorphous Se superlattices John, Joshua D. et al. 2021
5 Control of magneto-optical properties of cobalt-layers by adsorption of α-helical polyalanine self-assembled monolayers Sharma, Apoorva* et al. 2020
6 Crystallisation of optically thick films of CoxFe(80-x)B20: evolution of the (magneto-) optical and structural properties Sharma, Apoorva* et al. 2020
7 Crystallisation of Optically Thick Films of CoxFe(80-x)B20: Evolution of the(Magneto-) optical and Structural Properties Sharma, Apoorva* et al. 2020
8 Crystallization of optically thick films of CoxFe80−xB20: Evolution of optical, magneto-optical, and structural properties Sharma, Apoorva et al. 2020
9 Electrical Interface Characterization of Ultrathin Amorphous Silicon Layers on Crystalline Silicon Thoma, Patrick* et al. 2020
10 Observation of two-level defect system in amorphous Se superlattices John, Joshua D. et al. 2020
11 Pulsed laser deposited CoFe2O4 thin films as supercapacitor electrodes Nikam, S. M. et al. 2020
12 Spectroscopic ellipsometry and magneto-optical Kerr effect spectroscopy study of thermally treated Co60Fe20B20 thin films Hoffmann, Maria A. et al. 2020
13 Voltage-Controlled Dielectric Funcion of Bilayer Graphene Okano, Shun* et al. 2020
14 Magnetooptical response of permalloy multilayer structures on different substrate in the IR-VIS-UV spectral range Patra, Rajkumar et al. 2019
15 Magnetic Tunnel Junctions: Laser Annealing Versus Oven Annealing Sharma, Apoorva et al. 2018
16 Magneto-optical Spectroscopy and Spectroscopic Ellipsometry of Co60Fe20B20 Thin Films Sharma, Apoorva et al. 2018
17 Monolayer grafting of aminosilane on magnetic nanoparticles: An efficient approach for targeted drug delivery system Dhavale, R.P. et al. 2018
18 Polycrystalline La1-xSrxMnO3 Films on Silicon: Influence of post-Deposition Annealing on Structural. (Magneto-)Optical, and (Magneto-)Electrical Properties Thoma, Patrick* et al. 2018
19 Spectroscopic Ellipsometry of Diffusion in Magnetic Multilayer Stacks Sharma, Apoorva et al. 2018
20 The combined magnetic field and iron oxide-PLGA composite particles: Effective protein antigen delivery and immune stimulation in dendritic cells Saengruengrit, Chalathan et al. 2018
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