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1 A chiral pool-derived calcium catalyst for intramolecular hydroamination with enhanced enantioselectivity Notz, Sebastian et al. 2024
2 Cobalt(iii)-containing penta-dentate "helmet"-type phthalogens: synthesis, solid-state structures and their thermal and electrochemical characterization Al-Shewiki, Rasha K. et al. 2024
3 Synthesis and characterization of titanium and aluminum complexes of 2-methoxybenzyl alcoholate and their use in base-catalyzed twin polymerization Scharf, Sebastian et al. 2024
4 Synthesis and Twin Polymerization of Si(OCH2py)4 for Nitrogen-containing Carbon Materials Scharf, Sebastian et al. 2024
5 A molecular aluminium fulleride Lawrence, Samuel Ray et al. 2023
6 Bis(phosphine) Pd(II) and Pt(II) ethylene glycol carboxylates: Synthesis, nanoparticle formation, catalysis Scharf, Sebastian et al. 2023
7 Experimental-Theoretical Approach for the Chemical Detection of Glyphosate and Its Potential Interferents Using a Copper Complex Fluorescent Probe Martins, Guilherme et al. 2023
8 Ferrocenyl-based di- and trinuclear lanthanide complexes: solid state structures, (spectro)electrochemical and DFT studies Khalladi, Ahmed et al. 2023
9 Preparation, spectroscopic investigation, biological activity and magnetic properties of three inner transition metal complexes based on (2-((p-tolylimino)methyl)phenol) Schiff base Alqasaimeh, Muawia et al. 2023
10 A mononuclear nickel(II) complex as a redox mediator for electrochemical sensors Weheabby, Saddam* et al. 2022
11 Crystal structure, spectroscopic studies, DFT calculations, and biological activity of 5-bromosalicylaldehyde-based Schiff bases Abu-Yamin, Abdel Aziz* et al. 2022
12 Heterodi-, -tri- and -tetrametallic Transition-Metal-Complexes Gottwald, Dominique et al. 2022
13 Isocyano- and cyanoferrocenes in the synthesis of palladium, gold and zinc complexes Mahrholdt, Julia et al. 2022
14 Rearrangement of Diferrocenyl 3,4-Thiophene Dicarboxylate Ghazzy, Asma et al. 2022
15 Synthesis and Electrochemical Behavior of Ferrocenyl β-Ketoamines FcC(O)CH=C(NH(C6H4-4-R‘))R Mahrholdt, Julia et al. 2022
16 The Meta-Substituted Isomer of TMPyP Enables More Effective Photodynamic Bacterial Inactivation than Para-TMPyP In Vitro Schulz, Sebastian et al. 2022
17 Applications of Porphyrinoids as Functional Materials Lang, Heinrich et al. 2021
18 Arene Ruthenium(II) Complexes Bearing the κ-P or κ-P,κ-S Ph2P(CH2)3SPh Ligand Arlt, Sören et al. 2021
19 Chapter 13. Applicability of Highly Functional Phthalogens Rüffer, Tobias et al. 2021
20 Effect of the deposition method and ageing in atmosphere on the optical properties of tetraphenylporphyrins (TPPs) films Lungwitz, Frank et al. 2021
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