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1 Experimental observation of Berry phases in optical Möbius-strip microcavities Wang, Jiawei et al. 2023
2 Fast-Response Micro-Phototransistor Based on MoS2/Organic Molecule Heterojunction Andleeb, Shaista* et al. 2023
3 Nanomaterial-decorated micromotors for enhanced photoacoustic imaging Aziz, Azaam et al. 2023
4 Symmetry-Induced Selective Excitation of Topological States in Su-Schrieffer-Heeger Waveguide Arrays Tang, Min* et al. 2023
5 Ultra-dense plasmonic nanogap arrays for reorientable molecular fluorescence enhancement and spectrum reshaping Wang, Jiawei* et al. 2023
6 Coaxial Micro Ring Arrays Fabricated on Self-Assembled Microtube Cavities for Resonant Light Modulation Saggau, Christian N.* et al. 2022
7 Collective Coupling of 3D Confined Optical Modes in Monolithic Twin Microtube Cavities Formed by Nanomembrane Origami Wang, Xiaoyu et al. 2022
8 Direct Thermal Enhancement of Hydrogen Evolution Reaction of On-Chip Monolayer MoS2 Qu, Jiang* et al. 2022
9 Interfacial Chemistry Triggers Ultrafast Radiative Recombination in Metal Halide Perovskites Dong, Haiyun et al. 2022
10 Plasmonic Nanoparticles Embedded in Nanomembrane Microcavity for Flexible Optical Tuning Pang, Chi et al. 2022
11 Single "Swiss-roll" microelectrode elucidates the critical role of iron substitution in conversion-type oxides Liu, Lixiang et al. 2022
12 Verification and Analysis of Single-Molecule SERS Events via Polarization-Selective Raman Measurement Hao, Qi et al. 2022
13 Imperceptible Supercapacitors with High Area-Specific Capacitance Ge, Jin* et al. 2021
14 Nanogap Enabled Trajectory Splitting and 3D Optical Coupling in Self-Assembled Microtubular Cavities Wang, Xiaoyu et al. 2021
15 Perovskite Origami for Programmable Microtube Lasing Dong, Haiyun et al. 2021
16 Recent Progress on Optoplasmonic Whispering-Gallery-Mode Microcavities Chen, Yongpeng et al. 2021
17 Targeted Sub-Attomole Cancer Biomarker Detection Based on Phase Singularity 2D Nanomaterial-Enhanced Plasmonic Biosensor Wang, Yuye et al. 2021
18 Topological Defect Engineering and PT Symmetry in Non-Hermitian Electrical Circuits Stegmaier, Alexander et al. 2021
19 Decoding of Oxygen Network Distortion in a Layered High-Rate Anode by In Situ Investigation of a Single Microelectrode Liu, Lixiang et al. 2020
20 Dynamic tuning of photon-plasmon interaction based on three-dimensionally confined microtube cavities Naz, Ehsan Saei Ghareh et al. 2020
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