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1 Influence of the cutting parameters on the surface properties in turning of a thermally sprayed AlCoCrFeNiTi coating Clauß, Benjamin* et al. 2020
2 Introducing Fractal Dimension for Interlaminar Shear and Tensile Strength Assessment of Mechanically Interlocked Polymer - Metal Interfaces Saborowski, Erik* et al. 2020
3 Introduction to Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation : An Overview of the Process and Applications Simchen, Frank* et al. 2020
4 Method for process monitoring of surface layer changes in turning of aluminium alloys using tools with a flank face chamfer Junge, Thomas et al. 2020
5 Microstructure and Sliding Wear Resistance of Plasma Sprayed Al2O3-Cr2O3-TiO2 Ternary Coatings from Blends of Single Oxides Grimm, Maximilian* et al. 2020
6 Simultaneous Electrodeposition of Silver and Tungsten from [EMIm]Cl:AlCl3 Ionic Liquids outside the Glove Box Höhlich, Dominik* et al. 2020
7 Wear and Corrosion Behaviour of Supersaturated Surface Layers in the High-Entropy Alloy Systems CrMnFeCoNi and CrFeCoNi Lindner, Thomas* et al. 2020
8 A comparative study of oxidation kinetics and thermal cyclic performance of thermal barrier coatings (TBSs) Karaonglanli, Abdullah Cahit* et al. 2019
9 Anodische Oxidation von kupferhaltigen Aluminiumlegierungen Morgenstern, Roy 2019
10 Bionisch inspirierte Hybridhalbzeuge Lampke, Thomas et al. 2019
11 CFD Enhanced Thermal Spray Process for Coating of Cylinder Bores of Car Engines Schilder, B. et al. 2019
12 Concepts for interface engineering and characterization in composite hybrid structures Serna, J. et al. 2019
13 Deformation, cracking and fracture behavior of dynamically-formed oxide layers on molten metals Nayebi, B. et al. 2019
14 Determination of the strength of polymer-metal interfaces under mixed mode loading using butt-bonded hollow cylinders Saborowski, Erik* et al. 2019
15 Effect of adjusted gas nitriding parameters on microstructure and wear resistance of HVOF-sprayed AISI 316L coatings Kutschmann, Pia* et al. 2019
16 Effect of metal surface topography on the interlaminar shear and tensile strength of aluminum / polyamide 6 polymer-metal-hybrids Saborowski, Erik* et al. 2019
17 Fabrication and Characterization of Al2O3 Based Electrical Insulation Coatings Around SiC Fibers Palaniyappan, Saravanan* et al. 2019
18 Finish Turning of FeCr17Ni2C0.2 Iron-based Sprayed Coatings: Influences of Substrate Preparation, Cutting Speed and Feed on the Coating and Surface Properties Grund, Thomas* et al. 2019
19 Finish Turning of FeCr17NiC0.2 Iron-based Sprayed Coatings - Influences of Substrate Preparation and Cutting Speed on the Coating and Surface Properties Grund, Thomas et al. 2019
20 Grenzflächendesign für Integrationssysteme Lampke, Thomas et al. 2019
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