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1 Data Mining for Biological Tissue Monitoring Guermazi, Mahdi et al. 2016
2 Fuzzy logic diagnosis of the in-vitro meat inspection based on impedance spectroscopy Guermazi, Mahdi* et al. 2016
3 In-Vitro Biological Tissue State Monitoring based on Impedance Spectroscopy Guermazi, Mahdi 2016
4 Design of a portable device for in-vitro biological tissue diagnostic by impedance spectroscopy Bouchaala, Dhouha et al. 2015
5 Portable device design for in-vitro muscle tissue monitoring Bouchaala, Dhouha et al. 2015
6 Investigation of Long Time Beef and Veal Meat Behavior by Bioimpedance Spectroscopy for Meat Monitoring Guermazi, Mahdi et al. 2014
7 Feature extraction for meat characterisation Guermazi, Mahdi et al. 2013
8 Impedance Spectroscopy for Measurement and Sensor Solutions Kanoun, Olfa et al. 2013
9 Method of model’s parameters classification using neural network for meat characterization Guermazi, Mahdi et al. 2013
10 Reduction of anisotropy influence and contacting effects in in-vitro bioimpedance measurements Guermazi, Mahdi et al. 2013
11 Influence of meat aging on modified Fricke model’s parameter Guermazi, Mahdi et al. 2012
12 Assessment of beef meat aging using impedance spectroscopy Guermazi, Mahdi et al. 2011
13 Assessment of Beef Meat Aging using Impedance Spectroscopy Guermazi, Mahdi* et al. 2011
14 Modified Fricke Model for Meat Characterization Guermazi, Mahdi et al. 2011
15 Investigations of Coated Electrodes for Meat State Assessment Guermazi, Mahdi et al. 2010
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