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1 Effect of the deposition method and ageing in atmosphere on the optical properties of tetraphenylporphyrins (TPPs) films Lungwitz, Frank et al. 2021
2 Voltage-Controlled Dielectric Funcion of Bilayer Graphene Okano, Shun* et al. 2020
3 Interaction of One-Dimensional Photonic Crystals and Metal Nanoparticle Arrays and Its Application for Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Fränzl, Martin et al. 2018
4 Comprehensive Raman Study of Epitaxial Silicene-Related Phases on Ag(111) Solonenko, Dmytro* et al. 2017
5 Microfluidic Setup for On-line SERS Monitoring Using Laser Induced Nanoparticle Spots as SERS Active Substrate Buja, Oana-M. et al. 2017
6 Properties of Thin Layers of Electrically Conductive Polymer/MWCNT Composites Prepared by Spray Coating Staudinger, U.* et al. 2017
7 Spectroscopic Ellipsometry Studies and Temperature Behaviour of the Dielectric Funcion of TlInS2 Layered Crystal Gomonnai, O.O.* et al. 2017
8 Temperature-Dependent Dielectric Functions and Interband Critical Point of Sulfur-Rich TlIn(S1-xSex)2 Layered Solid Solution Crystals Gomonnai, O. O.* et al. 2017
9 2D vibrational properties of epitaxial silicene on Ag(111) Solonenko, Dmytro et al. 2016
10 Evaluation of graphite defects by microscopic ellipsometry Okano, Shun et al. 2016
11 Ferromagnetic Mn-Implanted GaP: Microstructures vs Magnetic Properties Yuan, Ye* et al. 2016
12 Growth and Characterization of Thin MoS2 Films on the Buffer Layer on SiC(0001) Schütze, Adrian et al. 2016
13 Hydrogenation of Epitaxial Silicene Studied by in situ Raman Spectroscopy Solonenko, Dmytro et al. 2016
14 Interference-enhanced Raman Scattering of F16CuPc Thin Films Solonenko, Dmytro* et al. 2016
15 New Insights into Colloidal Gold Flakes: Structural Investigation, Micro-Ellipsometry and Thinning Procedure Towards Ultrathin Monocrystalline Layers Hoffmann, B.* et al. 2016
16 Resonant Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering by Optical Phonons in a Monolayer of CdSe Nanocrystals on Au Nanocluster Arrays Milekhin, Alexander G.* et al. 2016
17 A Comprehensive Study of the Magnetic, Structural, and Transport Properties of the III-V Ferromagnetic Semiconductor InMnP Khalid, M. et al. 2015
18 Carbon p Electron Ferromagnetism in Silicon Carbide Wang,Yutian et al. 2015
19 Experimental and Theoretical Investigations of the Electronic Band Structure of Metal-Organic Frameworks of HKUST-1 Type Gu, Zhi-Gang et al. 2015
20 In Situ Raman Investigation of Silicene Solonenko, Dmytro et al. 2015
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