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1 Phonon Spectra of Strongly Luminescent Nonstoichiometric Ag-In-S, Cu-In-S, and Hg-In-S Nanocrystals of Small Size Dzhagan, Volodymyr* et al. 2020
2 Brightly Luminescent Core/Shell Nanoplatelets with Continuously Tunable Optical Properties Meerbach, Christian et al. 2019
3 Charge Carrier Transport, Trapping, and Recombination in PEDOT:PSS/n-Si Solar Cells Kondratenko, Serhiy* et al. 2019
4 Entwicklung und Integration von folienbasierten Sensoren für Belastungsdetektion Baumann, Reinhard et al. 2019
5 Flexible plasmonic graphene oxide/heterostructures for dual-channel detection Prakash, Varnika et al. 2019
6 In-doped As2Se3 thin films studied by Raman and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopies Azhniuk, Yuriy et al. 2019
7 Insights into different photoluminescence mechanisms of binary and ternary aqueous nanocrystals from the temperature dependence: A case study of CdSe and Ag-In-S Stroyuk, Oleksandr* et al. 2019
8 Iron(III) β-diketonates: CVD precursors for iron oxide film formation Pousaneh, Elaheh et al. 2019
9 Mercury-indium-sulfide nanocrystals: A new member of the family of ternary in based chalcogenides Stroyuk, Oleksandr* et al. 2019
10 Raman study of flash-lamp annealed aqueous Cu2ZnSnS4 nanocrystals Havryliuk, Yevhenii et al. 2019
11 The role of a plasmonic substrate on the enhancement and spatial resolution of tip-enhanced Raman scattering Rahaman, Mahfujur* et al. 2019
12 "Green" Aqueous Synthesis and Advanced Spectral Characterization of Size-Selected Cu2ZnSnS4 Nanocrystal Inks Stroyuk, Oleksandr* et al. 2018
13 β-Ketoiminato-based copper(II) complexes as CVD precursors for copper and copper oxide layer formation Pousaneh, Elaheh et al. 2018
14 A New Route to Very Stable Water-Soluble Ultra-Small Core/Shell CdSe/CdS Quantum Dots Raevskaya, Alexandra E. et al. 2018
15 Atomic Layer Deposition of Titanium Phosphate from Titanium Tetrachloride and Triethyl Phosphate onto Carbon Fibers Militzer, Christian et al. 2018
16 B2O3/SiO2/Phenolic Resin Hybrid Materials Produced by Simultaneous Twin Polymerisation of Spiromonomers Weißhuhn, Julia et al. 2018
17 Copper-Surface-Mediated Synthesis of Acetylenic Carbon-Rich Nanofibers for Active Metal-Free Photocathodes Zhang, Tao et al. 2018
18 Giant Gap-Plasmon Tip-Enhanced Raman Scattering of MoS2 Monolayers on Au Nanocluster Arrays Milekhin, Alexander G.* et al. 2018
19 Laser-Induced Formation of CdS Crystallites in Cd-Doped Amorphous Arsenic Sulfide Thin Films Azhniuk, Yuriy M.* et al. 2018
20 Luminescence and Photoelectrochemical Properties of Size-Selected Aqueous Copper-Doped Ag-In-S Quantum Dots Raevskaya, Alexandra E. et al. 2018
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