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1 Formation of excited states and photoluminescence quenching in nanocomposites of semiconductor Quantum dots and dye molecules Zenkevich, E. I. et al. 2018
2 Inkjet printing of patterned nanocarbon absorber layers for pyroelectric infrared detectors Zeiner, Christian et al. 2018
3 Integration of covalent and non-covalent functionalized SWCNTs in FETs Kossmann, A. et al. 2018
4 Nitrogen-containing porous carbon materials by twin polymerization Schliebe, Christian et al. 2018
5 The nature of non-FRET photoluminescence quenching in nanoassemblies from semiconductor quantum dots and dye molecules Stupak, Aleksander P. et al. 2018
6 Scalable Fabrication of Carbon Nanotube Field-Effect Transistors Hermann, Sascha et al. 2017
7 Fluorescence Quenching of Semiconductor Quantum Dots by Multiple Dye Molecules Blaudeck, Thomas 2016
8 High-resolution inkjet printing of conductive carbon nanotube twin lines utilizing evaporation-driven self-assembly Dinh, Nghia Trong et al. 2016
9 Metal nanoparticles reveal the organization of single-walled carbon nanotubes in bundles Rodriguez, Raul D.* et al. 2016
10 Nanomorphology of CNT Bundles Upon Wafer-Level Fabrication of CNT-FETs Blaudeck, Thomas et al. 2016
11 Self-Assembly of Spherical Colloidal Photonic Crystals inside Inkjet-Printed Droplets Sowade, Enrico et al. 2016
12 Static and Dynamic Quenching of Quantum Dot Photoluminescence by Organic Semiconductors and Dye Molecules Trenkmann, Ines et al. 2016
13 Characterization of Gold-Decorated Carbon Nanotube Field-Effect Transistors in Planar Device Geometry Kasper, Laura et al. 2015
14 Experimental and computational studies on the role of surface functional groups in the mechanical behavior of interfaces between single-walled carbon nanotubes and metals Hartmann, Steffen* et al. 2015
15 Hierarchical, High-Rate, Hybrid and Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing Poliks, Mark D. et al. 2015
16 Inkjet Printing of Colloidal Nanospheres: Engineering the Evaporation-Driven Self-Assembly Process to Form Defined Layer Morphologies Sowade, Enrico* et al. 2015
17 Inkjet Printing of Group-11 Metal Structures Gaebler, Christian et al. 2015
18 Optimizing Dispersion Preparation for the Wafer-Level Deposition of CNTs Hille, Toni et al. 2015
19 Towards Nanoreliability of CNT based Sensor Applications: Investigations of Carbon Nanotube-Metal Interfaces Combining Molecular Dynamics Simulations, Advanced In-Situ Experiments and Analytics Hartmann, Steffen* et al. 2015
20 Wafer-level decoration of carbon nanotubes in field-effect transistor geometry with preformed gold nanoparticles using a microfluidic approach Blaudeck, Thomas et al. 2015
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