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1 A Photolithographable Electrolyte for Deeply Rechargeable Zn Microbatteries in On-Chip Devices Qu, Zhe et al. 2024
2 Batteries for small-scale robotics Zhu, Minshen* et al. 2024
3 Bio-Inspired Dynamically Morphing Microelectronics toward High-Density Energy Applications and Intelligent Biomedical Implants Merces, Leandro* et al. 2024
4 Efficient Energy Management for Intelligent Microrobotic Swarms: Design and Impact Zhu, Minshen* et al. 2024
5 Modular Design of Functional Glucose Monomer and Block Co-Polymer toward Stable Zn Anodes Yan, Yaping et al. 2024
6 Polymer hetero-electrolyte enabled solid-state 2.4-V Zn/Li hybrid batteries Chen, Ze et al. 2024
7 A Dual-Function Micro-Swiss-Roll Device: High-Power Supercapacitor and Biomolecule Probe Ferro, Letícia M. M.* et al. 2023
8 A high-voltage Zn-air battery based on an asymmetric electrolyte configuration Zhang, Hua et al. 2023
9 Dynamic Switching and Energy Storage Unified by Electrochemical Ion Intercalation Yan, Yaping et al. 2023
10 Microbatteries with twin-Swiss-rolls redefine performance limits in the sub-square millimeter range Li, Yang et al. 2023
11 Microelectronic Morphogenesis: Smart Materials with Electronics Assembling into Artificial Organisms McCaskill, John S.* et al. 2023
12 Ultra-dense plasmonic nanogap arrays for reorientable molecular fluorescence enhancement and spectrum reshaping Wang, Jiawei* et al. 2023
13 Zn Microbatteries Explore Ways for Integrations in Intelligent Systems Ma, Jiachen et al. 2023
14 A Sub-Square-Millimeter Microbattery with Milliampere-Hour-Level Footprint Capacity Qu, Zhe et al. 2022
15 An Anode-Free Zn-Graphite Battery Wang, Gang et al. 2022
16 Flexible MXene films for batteries and beyond Huang, Yang* et al. 2022
17 Highly enhanced reversibility of a Zn anode by in-situ texturing Liu, Yi et al. 2022
18 Interfacial Chemistry Triggers Ultrafast Radiative Recombination in Metal Halide Perovskites Dong, Haiyun et al. 2022
19 On-Chip Batteries for Dust-Sized Computers Li, Yang et al. 2022
20 Unleashing energy storage ability of aqueous battery electrolytes Tang, Hongmei et al. 2022
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