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1 An efficient lightweight construction for crash-relevant structural parts through intrinsic hybridization Böhme, Marcus et al. 2020
2 Formation of bulk-laminated materials by localized deformation during ECAP of an AA6060 aluminum alloy Wagner, Martin Franz-Xaver* et al. 2020
3 Interface Formation during Collision Welding of Aluminum Niessen, Benedikt* et al. 2020
4 Particle Ejection by Jetting and Related Effects in Impact Welding Processes Bellmann, Jörg* et al. 2020
5 Combined Experimental and Numerical Study on the Hardening Behaviour of Q&P-Processed Steels Landgraf, Ralf* et al. 2019
6 HAZ characterization of welded 42SiCr steel treated by quenching and partitioning Dittrich, Fabian et al. 2019
7 Manufacturing of 42SiCr-Pipes for Quenching and Partitioning by Longitudinal HFI-Welding Kroll, Martin* et al. 2019
8 Mechanisms of fatigue crack propagation in a Q&P-processed steel Hockauf, Kristin* et al. 2019
9 Microstructural evolution during uniaxial tension-compression in-plane deformation of an IF steel Härtel, Markus* et al. 2019
10 On the correlation of hammer-peened surfaces and process, material and geometry parameters Pfeiffer, Steffen* et al. 2019
11 On the microstructure and the origin of intermetallic phase seams in magnetic pulse welding of aluminum and steel Böhme, Marcus* et al. 2019
12 Finite Element Simulation of the Presta Joining Process for Assembled Camshafts: Application to Aluminum Shafts Scherzer, Robert* et al. 2018
13 On the correlation of shear band formation and texture evolution in α-brass during accumulative roll bonding Böhme, Marcus* et al. 2018
14 On the Effect of Natural Aging Prior to Low Temperature ECAP of a High-Strength Aluminum Alloy Fritsch, Sebastian* et al. 2018
15 Particle-reinforced aluminum matrix composites (AMCs) - Selected results of an Integrated Technology, User, and Market Analysis and Forecast Schmidt, Anja* et al. 2018
16 Preface 20th Chemnitz Seminar on Materials Engineering - 20. Werkstofftechnisches Kolloquium Lampke, Thomas et al. 2018
17 Technical-economic evaluation of severe plastic deformation processing technologies - methodology and use case of lever-arm-shaped aircraft lightweight components Herold, Franziska et al. 2018
18 A numerical and experimental study of temperature effects on deformation behavior of carbon steels at high strain rates Pouya, Mina* et al. 2017
19 Analysis of the complex stress state during early loading in cylindrical compression-shear specimens Pfeiffer, Steffen et al. 2017
20 Analysis of the complex stress state during early loading in cylindrical compression-shear specimens Pfeiffer, Steffen et al. 2017
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