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1 Electromagnetic Vibration Energy Harvesting for Railway Applications Bradai, Sonia* et al. 2018
2 Evaluation of multiple transducers implementation in a magnetoelectric vibration energy harvester Naifar, Slim* et al. 2018
3 Next Generation Wireless Energy Aware Sensors for Internet of Things: A Review Kanoun, Olfa et al. 2018
4 Solar energy harvesting for wireless sensor systems Viehweger, Christian 2018
5 Modellbasiertes Energiemanagement für die intelligente Steuerung solarversorgter drahtloser Sensorsysteme Viehweger, Christian 2017
6 Survey of electromagnetic and magnetoelectric vibration energy harvesters for low frequency excitation Naifar, Slim* et al. 2017
7 Investigation of the magnetostrictive effect in a terfenol-D plate under a non-uniform magnetic field by atomic force microscopy Naifar, Slim* et al. 2016
8 Modellbasierte Bestimmung der zeitabhängigen Eingangsleistung von Solarzellen für das Energiemanagement drahtloser Sensorsysteme Viehweger, Christian et al. 2016
9 High Efficiency RF-DC Converter Circuit for Low Power RF Energy Harvesting Chaour, Issam et al. 2015
10 Modellierung der Energieverfügbarkeit für das Energiemanagement Solarversorgter Drahtloser Sensorsysteme Viehweger, Christian* et al. 2015
11 Nonlinear analysis of an electrodynamic broadband energy harvester Bradai, Sonia* et al. 2015
12 Response analysis of a nonlinear magnetoelectric energy harvester under harmonic excitation Naifar, Slim* et al. 2015
13 A New Model Approach for the Prediction of the Incoming Energy for Solar Based Wireless Sensor Nodes Viehweger, Christian et al. 2014
14 A Wireless Sensor Network for Automated Irrigation Systems Khriji, Sabrine et al. 2014
15 Cost-Effective, Energy-Aware, Hierarchical-Based routing algorithm for WSN in Precision Farming Chouikhi, Naima et al. 2014
16 Energy Harvesting for Wireless Sensor Nodes in Factory Environments Viehweger, Christian et al. 2014
17 Improvement of the efficiency of MISO configuration in inductive power transmission in case of coils misalignment Kallel, Bilel et al. 2014
18 Precision irrigation based on wireless sensor network Khriji, Sabrine et al. 2014
19 Simulation of Shading Effects on the Power Output of Solar Modules for Enhanced Efficiency in Photovoltaic Energy Generation Viehweger, Christian et al. 2014
20 Controlling Water Quantity in Irrigation System using Low Power Sensors for Soil and Weather El Houssaini, Dhouha et al. 2013
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