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1 Inkjet Printing of Self-Supporting and Self-Contained Structured Objects Onto Liquid Surfaces : Dedicated to Helmut Möhwald, a great source of inspiration and a mindful leader. Goedel, Werner A.* et al. 2019
2 Verfahren zum Drucken auf einer Flüssigkeitsoberfläche Goedel, Werner A. et al. 2019
3 Printing Reinforcing Structures onto Microsieves That Are Floating on a Water Surface Goedel, Werner A.* et al. 2018
4 Ink-Jet Printing onto a Water Surface Mitra, Dana et al. 2017
5 Effect of the light spectrum of various substrates for inkjet printed conductive structures sintered with intense pulsed light Weise, Dana et al. 2014
6 Structural health monitoring with quantum dots Möbius, Martin et al. 2014
7 Inkjet Printing of Microsieves and Reinforcing Patterns for Fragile Microsieves Hammerschmidt, Jens et al. 2013
8 Printing of GHz antenna pattern on flexible substrates for the manufacturing of intelligent light-weight structures Ueberfuhr, Peter et al. 2013
9 Inkjet System for Printing Mechanical Reinforcing Patterns Directly on Fragile Membranes Floating on Liquid Surfaces Ueberfuhr, Peter et al. 2012
10 Machine directional register modeling for multilayer printing in hvbrid roll-to-roll printing systems Kang, Hyunkyoo et al. 2012
11 Preparation of Hierarchical Structured Microsieves via Float-Casting followed by Ink Jet Printing Gläser, Kerstin et al. 2012
12 Bending of Printed Thin-film Batteries on Flexible Polymeric Substrates Ueberfuhr, Peter et al. 2011
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