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1 Functional segregation of basal ganglia pathways in Parkinson's disease Neumann, Wolf-Julian* et al. 2018
2 On the Role of Cortex-Basal Ganglia Interactions for Category Learning: A Neurocomputational Approach Villagrasa, Francesc et al. 2018
3 Reinforcement magnitudes modulate subthalamic beta band activity in patients with Parkinson's disease Schroll, Henning* et al. 2018
4 Visual Category learning by means of Basal Ganglia Hamker, Fred H. et al. 2018
5 Subthalamic nucleus stimulation impairs emotional conflict adaptation in Parkinson’s disease Irmen, Friederike et al. 2017
6 Basal Ganglia dysfunctions in movement disorders: What can be learned from computational simulations Schroll, Henning* et al. 2016
7 Combined lesions of direct and indirect basal ganglia pathways but not changes in dopamine levels explain learning deficits in patients with Huntington’s disease Schroll, Henning* et al. 2015
8 Differential contributions of the globus pallidus and ventral thalamus to stimulus-response learning in humans Schroll, Henning* et al. 2015
9 Open and closed cortico-subcortical loops: A neuro-computational account of access to consciousness in the distractor-induced blindness paradigm Ebner, Christian et al. 2015
10 Dysfunctional and Compensatory Synaptic Plasticity in Parkinson's Disease Schroll, Henning et al. 2014
11 Patients with Parkinson´s disease are less affected than healthy Persons by relevant response-unrelated Features in Visual search Verleger, Rolf et al. 2014
12 Computational models of basal-ganglia pathway functions: Focus on functional neuroanatomy Schroll, Henning et al. 2013
13 Dysfunctional and Compensatory Synaptic Plasticity in Parkinson's Disease Schroll, Henning et al. 2013
14 The Unstable Bridge from Stimulus Processing to Correct Responding in Parkinson's Disease Verleger, Rolf et al. 2013
15 A model of basal ganglia for automaticity in categorization tasks, Poster at the spring school Interdisciplinary College Hamker, Fred Henrik et al. 2012
16 Open and Closed loops: A computational approach to Attention and Consciousness Trapp, Sabrina et al. 2012
17 Influence of spatial attention on the receptive field shape of neurons in monkey area MT Fix, Jeremy et al. 2010
18 Biological Models of Reinforcement Learning Vitay, Julien et al. 2009
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