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1 A biomechanical comparison between human calvarial bone and a skull simulant considering the role of attached periosteum and dura mater Ondruschka, Benjamin* et al. 2019
2 An Investigation on the Correlation between the Mechanical Properties of Human Skull Bone, Its Geometry, Microarchitectural Properties, and Water Content Lee, Jik Hang Clifford et al. 2019
3 Consumption of sheep milk compared to cow milk can affect trabecular bone ultrastructure in a rat model Burrow, Keegan* et al. 2019
4 In Silico Pelvis and Sacroiliac Joint Motion: Refining a Model of the Human Osteoligamentous Pelvis for Assessing Physiological Load Deformation Using an Inverted Validation Approach Ramezani, Maziar et al. 2019
5 Mechanical and morphological description of human acellular dura mater as a scaffold for surgical reconstruction Zwirner, Johann* et al. 2019
6 Tensile properties of the human iliotibial tract depend on height and weight Zwirner, Johann* et al. 2019
7 Tissue biomechanics of the human head are altered by Thiel embalming, restricting its use for biomechanical validation Zwirner, Johann* et al. 2019
8 Water-content related alterations in macro and micro scale tendon biomechanics Lozano, Pamela F. et al. 2019
9 Elastic behavior of brain simulants in comparison to porcine brain at different loading velocities Falland-Cheung, Lisa* et al. 2018
10 How much force is required to perforate a colon during colonoscopy? An experimental study Johnson, Steve et al. 2018
11 Mechanical properties of the human scalp in tension Falland-Cheung, Lisa* et al. 2018
12 On the influence of surface coating on tissue biomechanics : effects on rat bones under routine conditions with implications for image-based deformation detection Singh, Aqeeda et al. 2018
13 Pelvic orthosis effects on posterior pelvis kinematics An in-vitro biomechanical study Klima, Stefan et al. 2018
14 Physiological in vitro sacroiliac joint motion: a study on three‐dimensional posterior pelvic ring kinematics Hammer, Niels* et al. 2018
15 Preliminary biomechanical results of a novel pin configuration for external fixation of vertical shear pelvic fractures Stewart, Rebecca* et al. 2018
16 Thermal Spray Coatings as an Adhesion Promoter in Metal/FRP Joints Lindner, Thomas* et al. 2018
17 Utilization of 3D printing technology to facilitate and standardize soft tissue testing Scholze, Mario et al. 2018
18 A numerical and experimental comparison of test methods for the shear strength in hybrid metal/thermoplastic-compounds Saborowski, Erik et al. 2017
19 Evolution of adiabatic shear bands in the beta titanium alloy Ti-10V-2Fe-3Al Winter, Sven et al. 2017
20 Interface design of hybrid laminates Jahn, Kristina et al. 2017
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