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1 Review on Conductive Polymer/CNTs Nanocomposites Based Flexible and Stretchable Strain and Pressure Sensors Kanoun, Olfa* et al. 2021
2 Calibration of an AC Zero Potential Circuit for Two-Dimensional Impedimetric Sensor Matrices Hu, Zheng et al. 2020
3 Highly Sensitive Polymer/Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes Based Pressure and Strain Sensors for Robotic Applications Ramalingame, Rajarajan* et al. 2020
4 Potential of carbonaceous materials for the realization of high performance sensors Kanoun, Olfa et al. 2020
5 Development of an Impedance Measurement Circuit with AD5933 for Nanocomposite Based Pressure Sensor Ramalingame, Rajarajan et al. 2019
6 Electronic Motion Capture Glove based on Highly Sensitive Nanocomposite Sensors Rajendran, Dhivakar* et al. 2019
7 Flexible piezoresistive sensor matrix based on a carbon nanotube PDMS composite for dynamic pressure distribution measurement Ramalingame, Rajarajan* et al. 2019
8 Highly sensitive capacitive pressure sensors for robotic applications based on carbon nanotubes and PDMS polymer nanocomposite Ramalingame, Rajarajan* et al. 2019
9 Influence of Printing Parameters on Multiwall Carbon Nanotube (MWCNT) Sensors Fabrication and Performance Zubkova, Tatiana et al. 2019
10 Muscle Movement Tracking Using Nanocomposite Based Pressure Sensor Atitallah, Bilel Ben * et al. 2019
11 Polymer/CNTs Nanocomposite for Water Level Monitoring in IoT Mobile Agriculture Application Bouhamed, Ayda* et al. 2019
12 Temperature Self-Compensated Strain Sensors based on MWCNT-Graphene Hybrid Nanocomposite Ramalingame, Rajarajan* et al. 2019
13 Carbon Nanotube Polymer based Flexible Tactile Pressure Sensors for Robotic Applications Ramalingame, Rajarajan et al. 2018
14 Crosstalk Suppression for Piezoresistive Tactile Sensor Arrays with a Large Resistance Measurement Range Hu, Zheng et al. 2018
15 Effect of organic solvent on MWCNT-PDMS Nanocomposite based Capacitive Pressure Sensors Ramalingame, Rajarajan* et al. 2018
16 Influence of nano-Roughness on the Electrical Resistance of SiC micro Fibers Palaniyappan, Saravanan et al. 2018
17 Investigation of the Influence of CNT Functionalization on Dispersion Quality and Stability Rajendran, Dhivakar et al. 2018
18 Monitoring and Evaluation of Nip Alignment in Roll-to-Roll Printing Process Using Nanocomposite-based Pressure Sensors Ramalingame, Rajarajan et al. 2018
19 Piezoresistive pressure sensor based on carbon nanotubes/epoxy composite under cyclic loading Sanli, Abdulkadir* et al. 2018
20 Dielectric Spectroscopy for Assessment of Water Content in Edible Oils Fendri, Ahmed et al. 2017
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