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1 Entwicklung eines Konzepts für die Erstellung und Bearbeitung intertextueller Dokumente unter Beachtung kontextadäquater Gestaltung Klenner, Michael 2020
2 Matter over mind? How the acceptance of digital entities depends on their appearance, mental prowess, and the interaction between both Stein, Jan-Philipp* et al. 2020
3 Playing at war. Examining the relation of military-themed video games and corresponding online communities to players' social dominance orientation and right-wing authoritarianism Bornemeier, Julian et al. 2020
4 The downsides of being a female streamer. An automated content analysis approach to sexual harassment in female Twitch streamers' chatlogs Kampel, Sonia et al. 2020
5 Worth the effort? Comparing different youtube vlog production styles in terms of viewers? identification, parasocial response, immersion, and enjoyment Stein, Jan-Philipp et al. 2020
6 Exploring the Uncanny Valley of Mind : An Investigation of Human Uniqueness Concepts, Control Perceptions, and Threat Experience in the Face of Emotion-Sensitive Artificial Intelligence Stein, Jan-Philipp 2019
7 Interactivity as Dynamic Demand : A Conceptual, Methodological, and Empirical Foundation for an Innovative Approach to Study Video Games Koban, Kevin 2019
8 Proceedings of the Media Psychology Division. 11th Conference of the Media Psychology Division 2019, German Psychological Society Nebel, Steve et al. 2019
9 Evolution of Play: Playing Video Games between Biological Imperatives and a Pretend-Mode of Thinking Liebold, Benny et al. 2018
10 Mutual perceptions of Chinese and German students at a German university: stereotypes, media influence, and evidence for a negative contact hypothesis Stein, Jan-Philipp* et al. 2018
11 Playing for the thrill and skill. Quiz games as means for mood and competence repair Koban, Kevin* et al. 2018
12 Proaktive Agenten im Lernkontext
Die Auswirkungen neuer Inputkanäle in der lernstoffvermittelnden Mensch-Computer-Interaktion
Wuttke, Madlen 2018
13 Quid pro quo in Web 2.0. Connecting personality traits and Facebook usage intensity to uncivil commenting intentions in public online discussions Koban, Kevin* et al. 2018
14 Saving Face in Front of the Computer? Culture and Attributions of Human Likeness Influence Users' Experience of Automatic Facial Emotion Recognition Stein, Jan-Philipp* et al. 2018
15 Ethische Herausforderungen in sozioinformatorischen Forschungsprojekten Eibl, Maximilian et al. 2017
16 The development of media sign literacy – A longitudinal study with 4-year-old children Nieding, Gerhild* et al. 2017
17 Continuous measurement of breaks in presence: Psychophysiology and orienting responses Liebold, Benny* et al. 2016
18 Dispositionale Tendenzen als evolvierte psychologische Mechanismen der Selbstdarstellung Koban, Kevin* et al. 2016
19 Good Newbie or Poor Newbie? Determinants of Video Game Skill Acquisition at an Early Stage Koban, Kevin* et al. 2016
20 Ladies, know yourselves! Gentlemen, fool yourselves! Evolved self-promotion traits as predictors for promiscuous sexual behavior in both sexes Koban, Kevin* et al. 2016
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