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1 Influence of the substrate thermal expansion coefficient on the morphology and elastic stress of CoSb3 thin films Daniel, Marcus et al. 2013
2 Interfacial exchange coupling in Fe-Tb/[Co/Pt] heterostructures Schubert, Christian et al. 2013
3 Photoluminescence emission and Raman response of monolayer MoS2, MoSe2, and WSe2 Tonndorf, Philipp et al. 2013
4 An amorphous model system for the 2D XY universality class Liebig, Andreas et al. 2012
5 Exchange bias effect in partially oxidized amorphous Fe-Ni-B based metallic glass nanostructures Thomas, Senoy et al. 2012
6 Finite-size effects in amorphous Fe90Zr10/Al75Zr25 multilayers Korelis, P.T. et al. 2012
7 Growth of Carbon Nanotube Forests between a Bi-Metallic Catalyst Layer and a SiO2 Substrate to form a Self-Assembled Carbon-Metal Heterostructure Hermann, Sascha et al. 2012
8 Magnetic and structural properties of Fe(1-x)Tb(x) and Fe(0.82-x)Co(0.18)Tb(x) thin films Hebler, Birgit et al. 2012
9 Magnetization reversal processes in Fe(1-x)Tb(x) nanodot arrays Schubert, Christian et al. 2012
10 Colossal thermoelectric power in Gd-Sr manganites Sagar, S. et al. 2010
11 Weak random anisotropy in the two-dimensional limit - FeZr-based thin films and multilayers Liebig, Andreas et al. 2010
12 Magnetism in FeZr-based multilayers - stability, coupling, dimensionality Liebig, Andreas et al. 2009
13 Magnetization Reversal in Arrays of Magnetic Nanoperforations Makarov, Denys et al. 2009
14 Quantitative Magnetic Information from Reciprocal Space Maps in Transmission Electron Microscopy Lidbaum, Hans et al. 2008
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