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1 Evaluation of augmented reality supported approaches for product design and production processes Schumann, Marco* et al. 2021
2 Holistic animation and functional solution for digital manikins in context of virtual assembly simulations Fuchs, Christian* et al. 2021
3 A cadaver-based biomechanical model of acetabulum reaming for surgical virtual reality training simulators Lorenz, Mario* et al. 2020
4 Augmented Reality for Pack Optimization using Video and Depth Data Lorenz, Mario* et al. 2020
5 Bestimmung der Formabweichung über ein sensorisches Werkzeug während der Glattwalzbearbeitung mit Hilfe eines Virtuellen Zwillings Posdzich, Marco* et al. 2020
6 Concept for a Virtual Reality Robot Ground Simulator Lorenz, Mario* et al. 2020
7 Der Digitale Zwilling - Probleme und Lösungsansätze Winkler, Sven* et al. 2020
8 Development of an Assistance and Control System for Waterjet Cutting of Free-Form Workpieces Redžić, Nermin* et al. 2020
9 Hololens AR - Using Vuforia-Based Marker Tracking Together with Text Recognition in an Assembly Scenario Knopp, Sebastian* et al. 2020
10 Impact of first person avatar representation in assembly simulations on perceived presence and acceptance Brade, Jennifer* et al. 2020
11 Industrial Augmented Reality: 3D-Content Editor for Augmented Reality Maintenance Worker Support System Lorenz, Mario* et al. 2020
12 Industrial Augmented Reality: Concepts and User Interface Designs for Augmented Reality Maintenance Worker Support Systems Lorenz, Mario* et al. 2020
13 Industrial Use Case - AR Guidance using Hololens for Assembly and Disassembly of a Modular Mold, with Live Streaming for Collaborative Support Knopp, Sebastian* et al. 2020
14 Industrie 4.0 in der industriellen Praxis Klimant, Philipp* 2020
15 Influence of the stiffness of burnishing tools on process force and surface quality of EN AW-2007 and C45 workpieces Stoeckmann, Rico* et al. 2020
16 Investigation of the influence of surface waviness of aluminium on the burnishing quality of a combined process Posdzich, Marco* et al. 2020
17 Maschinensimulation mittels Virtual Reality Klimant, Philipp* et al. 2020
18 Wrist at risk? - Considerations derived from a novel experimental setup to assess torques during hip reaming with potential implications on the orthopedic surgeons' health Lorenz, Mario* et al. 2020
19 Do I look at what I’m saying? Rüffert, Danny et al. 2019
20 Early Virtual Reality User Experience and Usability Assessment of a Surgical Shape Memory Alloy Aspiration/Irrigation Instrument Lorenz, Mario* et al. 2019
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