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1 A Mechanical-Electrical Model to Describe the Negative Differential Resistance in Membranotronic Devices Huber, Max et al. 2024
2 A Photolithographable Electrolyte for Deeply Rechargeable Zn Microbatteries in On-Chip Devices Qu, Zhe et al. 2024
3 Bio-Inspired Dynamically Morphing Microelectronics toward High-Density Energy Applications and Intelligent Biomedical Implants Merces, Leandro* et al. 2024
4 Efficient Energy Management for Intelligent Microrobotic Swarms: Design and Impact Zhu, Minshen* et al. 2024
5 Self-assembly of Co/Pt stripes with current-induced domain wall motion towards 3D racetrack devices Fedorov, Pavel* et al. 2024
6 Simulation of Interaction and Self-assembly of Magnetically Decorated Particles Neumann, Maximilian et al. 2024
7 A Dual-Function Micro-Swiss-Roll Device: High-Power Supercapacitor and Biomolecule Probe Ferro, Letícia M. M.* et al. 2023
8 A high-voltage Zn-air battery based on an asymmetric electrolyte configuration Zhang, Hua et al. 2023
9 Microelectronic Morphogenesis: Smart Materials with Electronics Assembling into Artificial Organisms McCaskill, John S.* et al. 2023
10 Miniaturized Smart Systems Securing Credence Attributes and Responsibility in Products and Supply Chains Arnold, Marlen G. et al. 2023
11 Technology Roadmap for Flexible Sensors Luo, Yifei et al. 2023
12 A new dimension for magnetosensitive e-skins: active matrix integrated micro-origami sensor arrays Becker, Christian et al. 2022
13 A Sub-Square-Millimeter Microbattery with Milliampere-Hour-Level Footprint Capacity Qu, Zhe et al. 2022
14 Active Matrix Flexible Sensory Systems: Materials, Design, Fabrication, and Integration Bao, Bin et al. 2022
15 Direct imaging of nanoscale field-driven domain wall oscillations in Landau structures Singh, Balram et al. 2022
16 Large Scale Exchange Coupled Metallic Multilayers by Roll-to-Roll (R2R) Process for Advanced Printed Magnetoelectronics Gupta, Preeti* et al. 2022
17 Membranotronics: Bioinspired Nonlinear Ion Transport with Negative Differential Resistance Based on Elastomeric Membrane System Faghih, Maryam et al. 2022
18 On-Chip Batteries for Dust-Sized Computers Li, Yang et al. 2022
19 Self-assembled sensor-in-a-tube as a versatile tool for label-free EIS viability investigation of cervical cancer cells Ghosh, Eashika et al. 2022
20 Self-assembly as a tool to study microscale curvature and strain-dependent magnetic properties Singh, Balram et al. 2022
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