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1 Roll-to-roll infrared and hot-air sintering of gravure-printed Ag layer based on in situ tension measuring and analysis Park, Janghoon et al. 2016
2 Tuning the reduction and conductivity of solution-processed graphene oxide by intense pulsed light Al-Hamry, Ammar* et al. 2016
3 Comparison of laser and intense pulsed light sintering (IPL) for inkjet-printed copper nanoparticle layers Niittynen, Juha* et al. 2015
4 Roll-to-roll infrared (IR) drying and sintering of an inkjet-printed silver nanoparticle ink within 1 second Sowade, Enrico et al. 2015
5 Direct Intense Pulsed Light Sintering of Inkjet-Printed Copper Oxide Layers within Six Milliseconds Kang, Hyunkyoo* et al. 2014
6 Mathematical Modeling and Simulations for Machine Directional Register in Hybrid Roll-to-Roll Printing Systems Kang, Hyunkyoo et al. 2014
7 Statistical analysis for the manufacturing of multi-strip patterns by roll-to-roll single slot-die systems Kang, Hyunkyoo et al. 2014
8 Der Inkjetdruck als Beschichtungstechnologie für funktionale Schichtsysteme Sowade, Enrico et al. 2013
9 Influence of photonic sintering parameters on electrical properties in the inkjet-printed copper oxide layers Kang, Hyunkyoo et al. 2013
10 Modeling and compensation of the machine directional register in roll-to-roll printing Kang, Hyunkyoo et al. 2013
11 Optimized printing conditions for gravure-printed silver conductive layer in flexible OPV applications Tran-Le, Anh-Tuan et al. 2013
12 Photonic Sintering of Inkjet Printed Copper Oxide Layer Kang, Hyunkyoo et al. 2013
13 Machine directional register modeling for multilayer printing in hvbrid roll-to-roll printing systems Kang, Hyunkyoo et al. 2012
14 Register modeling for multi-layer hybrid roll-to-roll printing systems Kang, Hyunkyoo 2012
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