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1 Corrosion stability of metallic materials in dentistry as studied with electrochemical impedance measurements Holze, Rudolf* et al. 2019
2 Aqueous Rechargeable Batteries with High Electrochemical Performance Liu, Yu 2017
3 Biosorptive removal of lead from aqueous solutions onto Taro (Colocasiaesculenta (L.) Schott) as a low cost bioadsorbent: Characterization, equilibria, kinetics and biosorption-mechanism studies Saha, Ganesh Chandra et al. 2017
4 From current peaks to waves and capacitive currents-on the origins of capacitor-like electrode behavior Holze, Rudolf* 2017
5 J. Waldman: Rust - The longest war Holze, Rudolf* 2017
6 J. Waldman: Rust - The longest war Holze, Rudolf 2017
7 Metal Oxide/Conducting Polymer Hybrids for Application in Supercapacitors Holze, Rudolf 2017
8 Nanocomposites on the base of synthetic opals and nanocrystalline phases of bi-containing active dielectrics Moiseienko, V.* et al. 2017
9 Physikalische Chemie 2016: Superkondensatoren als Energiespeicher Holze, Rudolf 2017
10 The Cadmium Electrode Revisited: Kinetic Data Liu, Yu et al. 2017
11 Theoretical Investigation into Suitable Pore Sizes of Membranes for Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries Liu, Zaichun et al. 2017
12 A comparative spectroelectrochemistry of homo- and copolymerization of pyrrole and N-methylpyrrole with indole on a gold electrode Arjomandi, Jalal* et al. 2016
13 A membrane based on sulfonated polystyrene for a vanadium solid-salt battery Wang, Zhian et al. 2016
14 Compton RG, Laborda E, Ward KR: Understanding voltammetry: Simulation of electrode processes

Imperial College Press, London 2014. IX + 249 p., 38 £; ISBN: 978-1-78326-323-3

Holze, Rudolf 2016
15 Die Modellierungslücke: Was zwischen der Molekulardynamik von Elektrodenreaktionen und der Simulation von Akkupacks fehlt Holze, Rudolf 2016
16 Electrochemical supercapacitive properties of polypyrrole thin films: influence of the electropolymerization methods Wolfart, F. et al. 2016
17 Growth of polypyrrole nanostructures through reactive templates for energy storage applications Dubal, Deepak P.* et al. 2016
18 Handbook of Electrochemical Energy Holze, Rudolf 2016
19 Improved Electrochemical Behavior of Amorphous Carbon-Coated Copper/CNT Composites as Negative Electrode Material and Their Energy Storage Mechanism Liu, Yu et al. 2016
20 Low-Cost Al2O3 Coating Layer As a Preformed SEI on Natural Graphite Powder To Improve Coulombic Efficiency and High-Rate Cycling Stability of Lithium-Ion Batteries Feng, Tianyu et al. 2016
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