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1 Inkjet Printing of Self-Supporting and Self-Contained Structured Objects Onto Liquid Surfaces : Dedicated to Helmut Möhwald, a great source of inspiration and a mindful leader. Goedel, Werner A.* et al. 2019
2 Verfahren zum Drucken auf einer Flüssigkeitsoberfläche Goedel, Werner A. et al. 2019
3 Printing Reinforcing Structures onto Microsieves That Are Floating on a Water Surface Goedel, Werner A.* et al. 2018
4 Ink-Jet Printing onto a Water Surface Mitra, Dana et al. 2017
5 Inkjet-based manufacture and mechanical reinforcement of microsieves Hammerschmidt, Jens 2016
6 Der Inkjetdruck als Beschichtungstechnologie für funktionale Schichtsysteme Sowade, Enrico et al. 2013
7 Influence of different printing strategies on dielectric layer in inkjet printed capacitors Kasania, Khushbeen et al. 2013
8 Inkjet Printing of Microsieves and Reinforcing Patterns for Fragile Microsieves Hammerschmidt, Jens et al. 2013
9 Central Challenges When up Scaling the Manufacturing of Thin-Film Battery Applications Espig, Michael et al. 2012
10 In-flight inkjet self-assembly of spherical nanoparticle aggregates Sowade, Enrico* et al. 2012
11 Inkjet Printing of Chemiresistive Sensors for the Detection of Volatile Organic Compounds Lorwongtragool, Panida et al. 2012
12 Inkjet printing of reinforcing patterns for the mechanical stabilization of fragile, polymeric microsieves Hammerschmidt, Jens et al. 2012
13 Inkjet System for Printing Mechanical Reinforcing Patterns Directly on Fragile Membranes Floating on Liquid Surfaces Ueberfuhr, Peter et al. 2012
14 Mass Printing Technologies for Technical Applications Willert, Andreas et al. 2012
15 Preparation of Hierarchical Structured Microsieves via Float-Casting followed by Ink Jet Printing Gläser, Kerstin et al. 2012
16 The Influence of Post-Treatment Strategies in Inkjet Printing on the Morphology of Layers and the Functional Performances of Electronic Devices Hammerschmidt, Jens et al. 2012
17 Verfahren zur Herstellung hierarchisch strukturierter Membranen durch Modifizierung von Mikrosieben mittels Inkjet-Technologie Wachner, Doreen et al. 2012
18 Ink variation for the deposition of three-dimensional nanoparticle patterns using inkjet printing Seifert, Tobias et al. 2011
19 Inkjet printing and low temperature sintering of CuO and CdS as functional electronic layers and Schottky diodes Marjanovic, Nenad et al. 2011
20 Mass Printing Technologies for Technical Applications Willert, Andreas et al. 2011
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