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1 Atomic and electronic structure of intercalated Pb layers in proximity to epitaxial graphene Ghosal, Chitran et al. 2023
2 Simulation of electronic transport in 2D networks Güldenpfennig, Tim et al. 2023
3 Transport properties of intercalated epitaxial graphene Gruschwitz, Markus et al. 2023
4 All-Carbon Monolithic Composites from Carbon Foam and Hierarchical Porous Carbon for Energy Storage Zhu, Shijin et al. 2022
5 Bi12Rh3Cu2I5: A 3D Weak Topological Insulator with Monolayer Spacers and Independent Transport Channels Carrillo-Aravena, Eduardo et al. 2022
6 Proximity-Induced Gap Opening by Twisted Plumbene in Epitaxial Graphene Ghosal, Chitran et al. 2022
7 Realization of Pb honeycomb stuctures by intercalation of buffer layers on SiC(0001) Ghosal, Chitran et al. 2022
8 Surface Transport Properties of Pb- and Sn-intercalated Graphene Gruschwitz, Markus et al. 2022
9 Topological Surface State in epitaxial zz-GNRs Gruschwitz, Markus et al. 2022
10 Adsorption and Reaction of PbPc on Hydrogenated Epitaxial Graphene Slawig, Diana et al. 2021
11 High Mass Loading Asymmetric Micro-supercapacitors with Ultrahigh Areal Energy and Power Density Zhu, Shijin et al. 2021
12 Strong localization in weakly disordered epitaxial graphene Slawig, Diana et al. 2021
13 Surface Transport Properties of Pb-Intercalated Graphene Gruschwitz, Markus et al. 2021
14 Topological Surface State in Epitaxial Zigzag Graphene Nanoribbons Nguyen, Thi Thuy Nhung et al. 2021
15 The weak 3D topological insulator Bi12Rh3Sn3I9 Lê Anh, Mai et al. 2020
16 Epitaxial graphene on 6H–SiC(0001): Defects in SiC investigated by STEM Gruschwitz, Markus et al. 2019
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