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1 Stoichiometry fluctuations and geometrical confinement in random alloys: a case study on SiGe:C Dick, Daniel et al. 2024
2 An extended Hueckel theory parameterization of Germanium for doped SiGe alloys Dick, Daniel et al. 2023
3 Atomistic and network models for graphene based macromaterials: role of intercalation, defects and dopants Fuchs, Florian et al. 2023
4 Electronic structure simulation of thin silicon layers: Impact of orientation, confinement, and strain Joseph, Thomas et al. 2023
5 Investigating the influence of stoichiometry-fluctuations on the electronic properties of ultra-scaled HBTs Dick, Daniel et al. 2023
6 Electrical Characterization of Germanium Nanowires Using a Symmetric Hall Bar Configuration: Size and Shape Dependence Echresh, Ahmad* et al. 2021
7 Giant Piezoelectricity of Deformed Aluminum Nitride Stabilized through Noble Gas Interstitials for Energy Efficient Resonators Fiedler, Holger et al. 2021
8 Simulation of the electron transport through silicon nanowires and across NiSi2-Si interfaces Fuchs, Florian 2021
9 Electronic structure and stability studies on random configurations of silicon-germanium carbon alloys Roscher, Willi et al. 2020
10 Formation and crystallographic orientation of NiSi2-Si interfaces Fuchs, Florian* et al. 2020
11 Stability and tunneling transport properties in NiSi_2-Si Interfaces Fuchs, Florian et al. 2020
12 Carbon Nanotubes for Mechanical Sensor Applications Wagner, Christian* et al. 2019
13 Electron transport through NiSi2–Si contacts and their role in reconfigurable field-effect transistors Fuchs, Florian* et al. 2019
14 Radially resolved electronic structure and charge carrier transport in silicon nanowires Fuchs, Florian* et al. 2019
15 Statistical studies of random silicon-germanium alloys using electronic structure calculations Roscher, Willi et al. 2019
16 Towards Reconfigurable Electronics: Silicidation of Top-Down Fabricated Silicon Nanowires Khan, Muhammad Bilal* et al. 2019
17 Understanding the electron transport through NiSi_2-Si interfaces Fuchs, Florian et al. 2019
18 Feasible Device Architectures for Ultrascaled CNTFETs Pacheco-Sanchez, Anibal et al. 2018
19 Feasible device architectures for ultra-scaled CNTFETs Pacheco-Sanchez, Anibal et al. 2017
20 An Atomistic Model for Carbon Nanotube Based Field-effect Transistors: Interband Tunneling and Device Scaling Fuchs, Florian* et al. 2016
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