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1 Scalable simulation of rate-coded and spiking neural networks on shared memory systems Dinkelbach, Helge Ülo et al. 2019
2 Semi-Automatic Task Planning of Virtual Humans in Digital Factory Settings Winter, Martin et al. 2018
3 Spatial Attention Improves Object Localization: A Biologically Plausible Neuro-Computational Model for Use in Virtual Reality Jamalian, Amirhossein* et al. 2017
4 ANNarchy: spiking neural networks on GPUs Dinkelbach, Helge Ülo* et al. 2016
5 Reinforcement Learning with Object Localization in a Virtual Environment Gussev, Joseph et al. 2016
6 ANNarchy: a code generation approach to neural simulations on parallel hardware Vitay, Julien* et al. 2015
7 Mechanisms determining the parallel performance of spiking neural simulators Dinkelbach, Helge Ülo et al. 2015
8 Reinforcement Learning zur Planung von Arbeitsprozessen : Anwendung von Reinforcement Learning Methoden zur Planung von Arbeitsaufgaben im industriellen Bereich Dinkelbach, Helge Ülo et al. 2015
9 ANNarchy: efficient code generation for rate-coded and spiking neural networks Vitay, Julien et al. 2014
10 ANNarchy: parallel evaluation of rate-coded and spiking neural networks Dinkelbach, Helge Ülo et al. 2014
11 Deducing human emotions by robots: Computing basic non-verbal expressions of performed actions during a work task Truschzinski, Martina et al. 2014
12 The Smart Virtual Worker – Digitale Menschmodelle für die Simulation industrieller Arbeitsvorgänge Müller, Nicholas Hugo et al. 2014
13 Comparison of GPU- and CPU-implementations of mean-firing rate neural networks on parallel hardware Dinkelbach, Helge Ülo et al. 2012
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