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1 Balancing Donor‐Acceptor and Dispersion Effects in Heavy Main Group Element π Interactions: Effect of Substituents on the Pnictogen⋅⋅⋅π Arene Interaction Krasowska, Małgorzata et al. 2019
2 Spirocyclic tin salicyl alcoholates - a combined experimental and theoretical study on their structures, 119Sn NMR chemical shifts and reactivity in thermally induced twin polymerization Kitschke, Philipp et al. 2019
3 3. Structure and Theory Kitschke, Philipp et al. 2018
4 Evaluation of dispersion type metal···π arene interaction in arylbismuth compounds – an experimental and theoretical study Preda, Ana-Maria et al. 2018
5 High-Level Ab Initio Calculations of Intermolecular Interactions: Heavy Main-Group Element π-Interactions Krasowska, Małgorzata et al. 2018
6 Twin Polymerization Spange, Stefan et al. 2018
7 Electronic Structure Calculations and Experimental Studies on the Thermal Initiation of the Twin Polymerization Process Auer, Alexander A.* et al. 2017
8 The role of dispersion type metal···π interaction in the enantiotropic phase transition of two polymorphs of tris-(thienyl)bismuthine Preda, Ana-Maria et al. 2017
9 Anwendung von Tensorapproximationen auf die Full Configuration Interaction Methode Böhm, Karl-Heinz 2016
10 Chiral Spirocyclic Germanium Thiolates - An Evaluation of Their Suitability for Twin Polymerization based on A Combined Experimental and Theoretical Study Kitschke, Philipp et al. 2016
11 Experimentelle und theoretische Untersuchungen an germaniumhaltigen Präkursoren für die Zwillingspolymerisation Kitschke, Philipp 2016
12 Porous Ge@C materials via Twin polymerization of germanium(II) salicyl alcoholates for Li-ion batteries Kitschke, Philipp et al. 2016
13 From a Germylene to an “Inorganic Adamantane”: [{Ge4(μ-O)2(μ-OH)4}{W(CO)5}4]·4THF (X = OH, OR, N, C) Kitschke, Philipp et al. 2015
14 From a Germylene to an “Inorganic Adamantane”: [{Ge4(µ-O)2(µ-OH)4}{W(CO)5}4]·4THF Kitschke, Philipp et al. 2015
15 From a Germylene to an “Inorganic Adamantane”: [{Ge4(µ-O)2(µ-OH)4}{W(CO)5}4]·4THF Kitschke, Philipp et al. 2015
16 Highly Lewis Acidic Arylboronate Esters Capable of ColorimetricTurn-On Response Oehlke, Alexander et al. 2015
17 Intramolecular C–O Insertion of a Germanium(II) Salicyl Alcoholate: A Combined Experimental and Theoretical Study Kitschke, Philipp et al. 2015
18 Quantenchemie in elektrochemischen Prozessen Schneider, Wolfgang Benedikt 2015
19 Identifying Stereoisomers by ab-initio Calculation of Secondary Isotope Shifts on NMR Chemical Shieldings Böhm, Karl-Heinz et al. 2014
20 Low-Rank Tensor Approximation in post Hartree-Fock Methods Benedikt, Udo 2014
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