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1 Highly Sensitive Detection of NO2 by Au and TiO2 Nanoparticles Decorated SWCNTs Sensors Fort, Ada* et al. 2020
2 Analysis of a Hybrid Micro-Electro-Mechanical Sensor Based on Graphene Oxide/Polyvinyl Alcohol for Humidity Measurements Trigona, Carlo* et al. 2019
3 Detection of Dimethoate Pesticide using Layer by Layer Deposition of PDAC/GO on Ag electrode Ega, Tharun K. et al. 2019
4 Electrochemical detection of nitrite using screen printed graphite electrode modified by ION/rGO Ghezal, Amira et al. 2019
5 Electronic Motion Capture Glove based on Highly Sensitive Nanocomposite Sensors Rajendran, Dhivakar* et al. 2019
6 Flexible plasmonic graphene oxide/heterostructures for dual-channel detection Prakash, Varnika et al. 2019
7 Graphite Screen Printed Electrodes Functionalized with AuNPs-PEI for Nitrite Detection Talbi, Malak et al. 2019
8 Humidity Sensing Behavior of Endohedral Li-Doped and Undoped SWCNT/SDBS Composite Films Müller, Christian* et al. 2019
9 Investigation of Laser Induced Graphene Electrodes Modified by MWNT/AuNPs for Detection of Nitrite Nasraoui, Salam et al. 2019
10 Ion-Imprinted Electrochemical Sensor Based on Copper Nanoparticles-Polyaniline Matrix for Nitrate Detection Essousi, Houda et al. 2019
11 Sensitivity of Layer-by-Layer Deposited GO/PDAC to Volatile Organic Compounds Al-Hamry, Ammar* et al. 2019
12 Thermal Analysis of a Microsensor based on GO/Polyvinyl Alcohol for Humidity Measurements Al-Hamry, Ammar* et al. 2019
13 Health Monitoring of Human Breathing by Graphene Oxide Based Sensors Al-Hamry, Ammar et al. 2018
14 Humidity sensitivity investigation of reduced graphene oxide by impedance spectroscopy Al-Hamry, Ammar et al. 2018
15 Reduced Graphene Oxide Nanostructures by Light: Going Beyond the Diffraction Limit Rodriguez, Raul D.* et al. 2018
16 Assessing the electrical behaviour of MWCNTs/epoxy nanocomposite for strain sensing Bouhamed, Ayda* et al. 2017
17 Controlling the crack formation in inkjet-printed silver nanoparticle thin-films for high resolution patterning using intense pulsed light treatment Gokhale, Pritesh et al. 2017
18 Dual Mode Direct-Digital Converter for measurementof sensors represented by Parallel R and C : Exploration of applications and extensions Fansa, Fawzi et al. 2017
19 Effect of Substrate on Pressure Sensing Behaviour of Flexible and Bio-compatible Nanocomposites Ramalingame, Rajarajan* et al. 2017
20 Characterization and Investigation of Infrared sensitivity of Reduced Graphene Oxide Films Al-Hamry, Ammar et al. 2016
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