A Resonance Tracking Approach from Adaptive Control

Keywords: vibration-based measurement, resonance tracking, adaptive control, parameter estimation


Resonance tracking is an approach to measuring concentrations, forces or viscosities. Such vibration-based measurements appear to be particularly well suited for applications at the micro- or even nano-scale. In order to monitor more than one parameter or parameter ratio simultaneously, a new kind of resonance tracking is developed with methods from adaptive control. It combines parameter estimation methods and state observers to adopt the resonant excitation to vibrating systems with time-varying parameters. At the same time, these parameters are measured. This approach is exemplified at two single-input-single-output (SISO) systems: a linear spring-mass-damper oscillator and a weakly nonlinear oscillator of Duffing-type.

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Gierig, M., & Flessing, L. (2019). A Resonance Tracking Approach from Adaptive Control. GAMM Archive for Students, 1(1), 6-17. https://doi.org/10.14464/gammas.v1i1.344
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