How to write an article for GAMMAS and a longer title

Keywords: mathematics, mechanics, latex


This tutorial is a ready-to-run LaTeX example that prospective authors of GAMMAS may substitute with their own content. Moreover, it contains information about some journal policies.

Author Biographies

Dominik Kern, TU Chemnitz

Diploma Mechanical Engineering at TU Bergakademie Freiberg
PhD Dynamics and Mechatronics at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Postdoc Engineering Mechanics/Dynamics at TU Chemnitz

Benjamin Unger, Technische Universität Berlin

Ph.D. student at the Institute of Mathematics at TU Berlin under the supervision of Prof. Mehrmann.
Research Interests include delay differential-algebraic equations, model order reduction, and port-Hamiltonian systems.

How to Cite
Kern, D., Bartelt, M., & Unger, B. (2019). How to write an article for GAMMAS and a longer title. GAMM Archive for Students, 1(1), 1-5.
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