About the Journal


innoTRAC sees itself as a platform for an interexchange between researchers, developers and users of innovative traction and load-bearing mechanisms. In addition to the main subject, it includes associated applications and drive concepts as well as the topics recycling and tribology. innoTRAC intents to make an important contribution to the research-based, interdisciplinary gain in knowledge in the field of traction and load-bearing mechanisms.



  • Traction and load-bearing mechanisms in application and development
    ⏵ Fibre, wire and hybrid ropes
    ⏵ Toothed belts, belts and straps
    ⏵ Chains made of plastic, steel round links and steel links
  • Drive systems for traction mechanisms
  • Test methods and rapid testing
  • Condition monitoring and data acquisition



The innoTRAC Colloquium, which forms the reference of the innoTRAC Journal, was first held in 2020. This colloquium started as a merger of the three well-known events InnoZug Colloquium and the International GKT Symposium of the TU Chemnitz as well as the International Timing Belt Symposium of the TU Dresden. While the InnoZug Colloquium focused on fibre ropes and the GKT Symposium targeted plastic sliding chains and tribology in conveyor systems, the Timing Belt Symposium capitalised on all sorts of toothed belts.

The innoTRAC Colloquium is organised by the Professorship of Conveying Engineering and Materials Handling (TU Chemnitz) and the Chair of Material Handling and Logistics Engineering (TU Dresden). It will be held in Chemnitz every two years in alternation with the conference TECHNOMER.



All articles will be published open access under the license Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 (CC BY 4.0).



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