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1 Determined Molecular Orientation of Terbium Diphthalocyanine Thin Films by Ellipsometry and Magneto-optical Kerr Effect Spectroscopy Robaschik, P. et al. 2013
2 Influence of Film Thickness and Air Exposure on the Transport Gap of Manganese Phthalocyanine Haidu, F.* et al. 2013
3 Laterally stacked organic devices fabricated by trench technology Reuter, Danny et al. 2013
4 Magneto-optical Kerr Effect Spectroscopy of Selected Phthalocyanines and Porphyrines Salvan, G. et al. 2013
5 Optical and Magneto-optical Characterisation of Thin Films of Functionalised Tetra-phenyl-porphyrines Lungwitz, F. et al. 2013
6 Towards Rolled-up Spintronic Devices - Effect of Water on Permalloy and CoPc Layers Richter, P. et al. 2013
7 Characterization of Organic Thin Films on Ferromagnetic Substrates by Spectroscopic Ellipsometry and Magneto-optical Kerr Effect Spectroscopy Fronk, M. et al. 2012
8 Electronic States and the Influence of Oxygen Addition on the Optical Absorption Behaviour of Manganese Phthalocyanine Friedrich, R. et al. 2012
9 I-V Characteristics of Copper Phthalocyanine Based Laterally Stacked Devices Fabricated by Semiconductor Processing Reuter, D. et al. 2012
10 Magneto-optical Kerr-effect Studies on Copper Oxide Thin Films Prduced by Atomic Layer deposition on SiO2 Fronk, M. et al. 2012
11 Magneto-optical Kerr-effect studies on copper oxide thin films produced by atomic layer deposition on SiO2 Fronk, M. et al. 2011
12 Nickel Nanoparticles in Fullerene Matrix Fabricated by Co-Evaporation in Ultrahigh Vacuum: Structural, Magnetic and Magneto-Optical Properties Salvan, G. et al. 2011
13 Determination of the Voigt constant of phthalocyanines by magneto-optical Kerr-effect spectroscopy Fronk, M. et al. 2009
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